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Anyone know what would cause a blue horizontal line across the bottom of the TV about one inch in height spanning about 75% of the screen growing larger from left to right starts a couple millimeters to about an inch at the far right corner of the screen?
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A picture would always help
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A picture would always help
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I'm having a light gray line along the right side of my TV. It is not much of a distraction unless it gets bigger? Anyone had this problem?
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Hello Samsung owners! I need your help...if you have this replacement part for my TV HLS-5679W. It is a DMD board part number BP41-00267A. I don't need a chip, just the board. If you are able to find this part in working order how much would it cost to purchase? Thank you for a quick response. My email is VBAK2009@gmail.com
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My unit is dead ...again. Definitely the DMD board. Time to put it out on the curb for the trash man. If anyone wants the power supply, it's in working order.
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I think mine is finally toast as well. Just replaced all of the caps on the power supply, and this is still what I get: TVdead.jpg 202k .jpg file
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Originally Posted by davesasw View Post

I just replaced my DMD board 3 days ago and am now getting a "check fan no.4" message. Any suggestions? Which fan is Fan no.4?

Still have the dmd board? Anyone willing to donate one?
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6 years since replacing my caps on the PSB board....turned on the TV last night and this happened.

Anybody else have this problem?

Do I just junk this POS.

Samsung was no help, didn't qualify for the class action suit.

50 LCD is $400, is that the way to go?

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Do you still have DMD boards.


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Dumped the piece today. Goodbye forever. Hello beautiful flat 3d LED LCD.
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Very disheartening after reading this thread. I, like the rest of you, bought one of these POS TV's back in January 2007 and have had nothing but problems with it. Thank god I decided to donate my left arm for the 5 year extended warranty (around $500 on a $2700 TV) because it certainly paid for itself. Typical Power cycling issue, capacitor failures, light engine, and some other I don't remember. Anyhow, the past few months had blessed me with half the screen going black, again, for the 3'rd time in it's life., great! This does manage to fix itself at times, so I dealt with it. Then the bottom half of the screen would display the horizontal small rectangular distorted flipped from the top screen images, as I read about in this thread. I figured it was time to retire it and get a new TV. It sounds like the DMD board as described previously. It seems like a shame to just trash this thing. I am not willing to spend the $80 - $100 to possibly fix it. Is anyone interested in giving me $150 for this thing (Pull the parts, package them, and ship them if need be). Still has some other good parts. Or, pick it up for $100, located in the metro east St. Louis area? Worth a try. Please this needs to be worth my time, that's why I came up with these prices, if not interested just leave alone and I'll dump it in a week. Thanks
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Sorry, forgot to post the exact Model, HLS5679W
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if it were only $80-100 to fix it, all of ours would not be in the landfill right now, lol. The DMD board is non-existent today.
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I Hear you, gave me a good laugh, thought it was worth a try. Thanks, removing from the living room floor today... Have been enjoying my closeout LG 60PN5300 Plasma, no bells, no whistles, but for $800, what a great picture, and hard to pass up.
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Is anyone aware of any fixes for any of the DMD board problems?
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While I had the power supply problem, it was fixed and my tv is still going strong after 6 years(July 2007). I wonder how many of these tvs are still working. Hope I can get another 2 years out of it, and then buy a 60in 3D tv for under $1,000.
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I have repaired my power supply 3X and replaced the DMD board. Mine is still alive, and used daily.
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I have repaired my power supply board twice and replaced the DMD board once. I bought the TV new in 2007 and it is ON an average of 8 hours per day. I hope to get two more years out of it....still love the picture quality.
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I am having the same distortion shown by Ghendy, and am just checking to see what a solution may be?


The last time we had this repaired, the repairman said it would not be worth it to repair after that, but I am hoping there is a simple fix.


These white lines appeared recently and seem to be something specific.  I also had warranty work done back when for the light engine and another repair that was done for about $100 by Samsung which might have been capacitors, but as much as I would hate to do it, dumping it may be the smartest thing to do.


I will research farther, but after seeing Ghendy's identical issue posted, I did not see a specific answer, only a statement of issue and frustration with the LED DLP experiment we all paid $3,000 to join several years ago before the real flat screen LED TV's were available.

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I bought my HL-S5679W in Nov 2006 and was an early discoverer of the power cycling issue, as noted in my post on pg 69 (#2066). Then I posted the power supply mod that moved all the caps to the backside of the board (page 76, #2279) and had no problems with the set until this summer. I use the TV as a computer monitor during the day and for entertainment at night so it has seen over 30,000 hrs of use in the last 7 years.

This summer, I wore out the video switching IC relay (TEA645) on the input board (toggling dozens of times/day between computer HDMI and SAT HDMI) and bought a used replacement input board. It fixed the problem, but failed after only a week. The supplier sent me another and it lasted until this fall, when the set began losing the video completely when switching inputs. Unplugging the TV for a while would allow it to work again, but then at times it would get no picture when first turned on.

I tore the TV apart this week and discovered a second power supply board adjacent to the LED driver board in the shield directly above the LED fans. When I pulled the assembly and removed the shield, I saw the second power supply has the same design defect as the main power supply; there are two capacitors mounted right next to the heat sink, and both were blown. One is a 2200uf and the other is a 470uf. I replaced both capacitors, in their original positions and the TV will once again produce a picture, but the color is off and the ability to adjust the color is partially gone. I’m afraid that the blown capacitors damaged the DMD board, and there are none left in the world. Occasionally, when adjusting the brightness, the color mix will fluctuate wildly, but the B/W picture is fine. The reds are too intense and I’m missing the gold tones. I’m guessing the DMD board will fail any day now.

Sigh… I guess it’s time for a new TV. I loved this one. I just wish Samsung designed better power supply’s and used higher quality basic components in production. Are the new Samsung TVs more reliable?
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DAWI2, I would suggest that you replace the 2 capacitors in the LED power supply board as a precaution. That PSB suffers the same design defect as the main, and mine were blown, damaging the DMD. They are located inside the shielded assy directly above the LED fans. One is a 2200uf 35v and the other is a 470uf 16v, next to the heat sink at the bottom of the board.
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Well, I guess everyone is gone now and there are few owners of this TV still out there enjoying the great picture. Mine went fritzoid again today and the picture is split, with the right half on the left side and the left half on the right side, and the color is off again. Anyone seen this before? Is this processing error occuring on the input board, the main board, or the DMD board? Thanks. -Rick
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A picture would help. This is what it looks like. Anyone seen this before?
ReversePicture.jpg 45k .jpg file
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I believe mine has finally bit the dust. I bought in August 2007 but had no problems until about 2010 or 2011 (power cycling issue). I fixed that like many others did but yesterday when I turned it on, the picture is all broken, colors are off, there is flickering and just overall awful picture. After a while the picture just seems to freeze until I cycle it.

5 years and ~5 months, seems about right after reading the last few pages. Sad that it had so many problems as I really liked the picture on this unit. Now what to replace it with... I have a giant stand that will look quite stupid with a flat panel TV.
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