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New PLasma Picture problem  

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I have a month old Samsung SP-S4253 and have started noticing a picture problem on the left side of the screen. When the screen is dark I can see what I can only describe as green and red pixels crawling along the extreme edge of the screen. At first it appeared to just be a single row at the edge of the screen but now I'm seeing a wash of these green and red flashing pixels in a patch at the upper left corner. I don't always see it, just during certain scenes. It doesn't matter what input I'm watching. I can turn everything off signal wise and bring up the menu on the TV and still see it. It get's worse if I set the aspect to 4:3 so that there are grey bars on the sides of the screen. It looks like green and red static in a big patch.

Any ideas? I've tried resetting the picture controls to the factory defaults with no change. I don't even know what to call it so that I can describe is adequately.

I've tried doing the screen wipe routine where it moves the gradient across the screen to elimate image retention. I notice that when the white section of the gradient is on the left side, I don't see the problem but as the grey and black parts move to the left side, it gets more and more noticeable.

Anything I can try (service menu?) before I break down and put in a service call?
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I've seen a Samsung plasma do that before, and I think the problem was with subpixel control. Sounds like a service call is in order - sorry man.
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Unplug it for 30 minutes to an hour, to reset itself.
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I heard of similar problems with the new Samsung series, mainly from users in UK and Europe, have a look at www.avforums.com, "Possible Problem with Samsung PS-42Q7H..". Samsung suggested to change the orbiter (pixel-shift, anti burn-in..) settings from 4-pixels to less, like 2 or 1..
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Well, I've tried the suggestions and still no good. It seems that whenever a certain color grey is on the left side of the screen, I get a wash of random firing green/red pixels. After a few seconds, it settles down and looks normal until the right color is displayed again and they all light up again. It's like the phospur is getting excited when it's not supposed to or something.

I was at sears this weekend and went to look at the display model to see if it had anything even remotely similar. It didn't.

I'm officially bummed. :(
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