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360 or Video card update???  

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So with directx 10 on the horizon should I update the my video card to a faster/better directx 9 card or should I get an xbox 360 and wait for a directx 10 solution?

keep in mind:

my current card is a 7600 gs

I only want to spend approx $250 on a newer 9x card

how far off is directx 10 and will I need to upgrade to vista to even use it?

All opinions are welcome and appreciated!:)

EDIT: forgot to mention I want to play Huxley and the new Unreal Tournament game at moderately high settings.

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DirectX 10 is Windows Vista only, which will be out early next year. DirectX 10 cards will appear late this year at the earliest.

Assuming that you like the games on the 360 about as much as the games on the PC, I say get a 360 now and save your pennies for a DirectX 10 capable card early next year. A card bought today at your price point will struggle with UT 2007 at moderately high settings.
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So something like this:




or maybe


Wouldn't do a good job with UT 2007?

When I say "moderately high" I meant 1024x768 with some of the other eye candy anti-aliasing texturing, etc turn maybe half to 3/4 of the way up.

Also isn't UT 2007 coming out in October? will it get a patch to allow for DX10 support when vista is released?
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Those cards should be OK with those settings. UT 2007 is scheduled for release in Q1 or the first half of 2007. I still say wait for the PC upgrade and get a 360 if there are games for the 360 that interest you.
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Go XBox360. I think it was announced that XBox360 is DX10 compatible.

The media capabilities in the XBox are sweet as well.

If price was no concern, I would say hold out and get a new PC when Vista comes out :)

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wait for 10x and get a 360 now would be my decision
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Thanks for the input guys, the reason I brought this question up can be summed up in another thread I started, I really just wanna play ncaa Football 2007, and I've never been a big sony fan. Well off to gamestop to check on a used 360...
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