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In Rememberance of Mark Bouthillier  

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I have very sad news to report.

Member Mark Bouthillier passed away on July 14, 2000.
Many of us remember Mark as an avid contributor to this site.
He was a marvelous young man who was building a terrific hometheater by closing in a carport. It was centered around an NEC XG 135 projector and was going to even have add a juke box. Some may remember his pictures of the construction.

Mark, a software engineer in his early thirties, was homebound in his last few years. He had suffered a life-long battle with cystic fibrosis, which ultimately claimed his young life.

I'm glad I talked him into building his dream theater, it became his greatest source of pleasure. He loved this forum and sharing information.

We will miss him sorely.
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Laurence, fellow members,

I am sorry for the loss and touched by your portrait of the man.
A source of joy, in the struggle for life, nothing more precious.

Sincerely, jdb.
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Thanks Dan. We know your daughter will beat this menace.

My wife spoke briefly with Mark's mom today.

It seems that they had just recently completed the hometheater when Mark became gravely ill. He had been in and out of the hospital several times and had some close calls during the past year. My wife said that Mark had cancer, too. Maybe that made the battle much tougher to fight.

I don't think he ever got to see his dream theater fully functioning but his mom wanted us to know that the family is now using it and enjoying it.

I'll bet Mark is watching along with the family, too.

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Laurence, I am saddened to read this. Mark will certainly be missed. It was though he was a family member. He contributed and shared a lot with us all.
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Time comes and time goes.
People come and people go.
What is the difference you may ask?
Simple, it is the friends we have made in the past.

Mark...you will be missed on this site and in our memories. Right down the excitement you had when you ordered your juke box for your theater. We will remember the time you spent writing on this forum through your various stages of your illness. I can only hope that in some way it gave you an escape while you where here chatting with friends.

Love, Peace, and Remembrance.

David & Brenda Bott
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Farewell Mark Bouthillier. Through the ether this message travels, to where we come together in peace. Jeff
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Very sad news..and being sick constantly is a burden that is difficult for healthy people to appreciate. I have come across several of his posts recently and I gathered that he got great joy from the home theater he built and he really enjoyed the help from members of this forum. I am sure he will be missed....Sincerely, Cary
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God is so amazing. With his whisper, we are blessed to walk this earth in his name, only to return to him. I really wish Mark's parents comfort and peace.

As an act of unselfishness, I ask that anyone reading this post go to Church on Sunday, and let the Lord move you. If you have been away for a while, go....It is your greatest source of strength.

Jeff in Detroit
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This is indeed sad news and the loss of an unselfish and courageous individual. We will all miss his humanity.

D. Erskine
DEsign Cinema Privee
Imagine what you could do, if you could do all you imagine.
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Mark will be sorely missed. He took great pride in his new theater. For those of you who may not be familiar with his pride and joy, please see this link... http://home.earthlink.net/~mbouthil/theater/

Mike Lang
TiVo Tips & Tricks,
TiVo User Survey Moderator
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I am very sorry to hear this sad news.
Seem like a great guy from his posts.
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This is a very sad moment.

I can't help but feel how Mark must be swelling with pride at this great demonstration of friendship from all of you. We all should be so blessed as to memorably touch so many lives as Mark did. A very special man, indeed.

We will never forget him.

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Farewell Mark, may he rest in peace...

It is hard to believe we've lost such a familiar forum name. I only wish I could have participated in more of his threads. It is saddening. I was shocked to learn the news when I saw the obituary banner ad at the top - "is it what I think it is?", I thought - and it led me here.

I am grateful that Laurence had the ability to let all of know.

I think Mark B's website should be recorded (via Teleport Pro) onto a CDR disc for the family's permanent keepsake. It has a lot of his own art. It will all be lost when the Internet account get closed. If his family would like me to archive his website onto CDROM for free, I offer to do this, to avoid it from being permanently lost. Cost is negligible so do not feel guilty about how much it costs me. Email marky@ottawa.com .

Mark Rejhon
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Just got back from my vacation to find this very sad news.
Just to say how much I, like many others, enjoyed Marks very thoughtfull and engaging posts.
I found him to be a man of great wit, intelligence and charm.
I would like to extend my deepest sympathy and condolences to Marks parents and family. As a man who speaks from experience (I also lost a son, 7 year old Eren in 1995) I know what you are all going through right now and I pray that god gives you the strength to go foward in your lives.
Mark will be greatly missed by all.
May I also take this opportunity to thank Alan Gouger and David Bott for starting this wonderfull forum. Well it started off as a forum. It has now become a community, a community where like minded people get together and become friends. I am pretty sure that for most of us, our paths with Mark would not have crossed without this forum.
Mark was an outstanding member of our community and avsforum will not be the same without him.
love and Kindest Regards
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Rest In Peace Mark
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"Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a liking to you."
-Roy Rogers
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I didn't know Mark, for that I feel bad because he seem's to have touched so many people.

Having experienced personal loss this year myself, my heart certainly goes out to his family and friends, as I know where they are at right now. I hope that the healing process goes quickly for them, and that only the good things that Mark did, and represented remain. So that every time they think about him, just after a tear, is a smile, for having known him and having their lives enriched by him.


Lex and Daughters Theater:
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Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of coming across Mark or any of his posts on this forum, for that I certainly am the one that missed out.

What a thrill I just had looking at Mark's webpage and the amazing project that he and his family and friends completed. Mark was obviously so proud of the results, and with very good reason, it looks like a fantastic home theater. Mark, the love that your family showed in helping you to realize your dream of building this home theater tells me that you must have been a very special person. I'm sure your spirit will live with those you touched for the rest of their lives. May peace and love be with you forever.

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Wow, what a sad thread...I have to admit that it brought tears to my

I remember reading Mark's posts. I followed his pictures as he built
the HT. Peace Mark, and comforting wishes to your family.

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