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Godsend to HTPC gamers?  

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Looks like Phantom canned their console (officially this time) but still plan on releasing some kind of future gaming service with Yahoo, allowing them to keep on taking money from investors. :p

The GOOD news in all this is that they seem to be selling their Lapboard separately.



I watched videos of it in use before and it looked great. Don't know if I like their 3-button mouse, but you could easily use a Logitech whatever in place of it.
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That's is pretty neat. I bet it sports a heavy price tag though. Where can I find the best prices for this?
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I don't think it's out yet. I used it at E3 a few years ago and it was VERY slick and I am surprised that no one has released something similar yet.
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It is available for preorder on their site. I believe it was $130 or so. I would caution anyone from preordering considering the problems this company has had. The lapboard is wireless and I have been waiting for it since they announced that it was going to be sold seperatly. However the ~$130 price tag seems a bit steep.

I wonder when game developers will start including support for the 360 controller. Perhaps the release of the wireless adapter for PCs will stimulate this. I think steam could institute support for all of their games quite easily.
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I think you'd have to be soft in the skull to preorder ANYTHING from these dudes. If you can actually buy it, that's one thing, maybe we'll actually see the thing some day but I'm not holding my breath. Maybe I'll be able to play Duke Nukem Forever on my Phantom Console with it?! :)
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You could also get one of those coffee tables that rise up for meal eating and put a keyboard on that. I do that if I need to chat. I do a Nostromo/Mouse for general playing on a couch.
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I still want them to release it.
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Any money you send them will go straight into an offshore bank account or a new sports car, never to be seen again.

Have they actually sold anything to a person yet, besides press releases, VC investor information packages or hot air...
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Originally Posted by Stryker412
So cool, but given that the small 3 button version is selling for $160, I fear what the asking price for this would be.
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