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The other night, while watching a DVD, the audio went out. This has happened many times over the years of owning the VP50 and unplugging and replugging the power cord to the VP50 has always solved the problem. However, this time, when I plugged the power cord back in, the VP50 did not power up. No power on light or LCD panel display. I replugged everything and checked the connections on the power cord/brick but the VP50 does not power up. I'm wondering if it has given up the ghost. Can anyone suggest some method of confirming whether I have a dead unit or perhaps one that is just in a deep sleep....?
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The external power supply/brick probably took a dump, very likely it blew out a capacitor. There have been few people that have had them go bad that way.
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Just wanted to follow-up to my previous post re: my 'dead' VP50. It was indeed the power brick which has now been replaced and the VP50 is back to life. FYI, I received a quick reply to my email message to Anchor Bay support.
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Originally Posted by Walks View Post

Just wanted to follow-up to my previous post re: my 'dead' VP50. It was indeed the power brick which has now been replaced and the VP50 is back to life. FYI, I received a quick reply to my email message to Anchor Bay support.

How did you replace? You got the part from whom? Is that something simple to do?
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Bought the power adaptor off Amazon. I bought a Manhattan configurable power adaptor (Just make sure it can do 6V 7A), the configuration instructions were fairly easy to follow. You can also buy the power adaptor direct from Anchor Bay, search under accessories.
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Originally Posted by escon View Post

G'day Marcelo...long time no hear .

Hey, I'm not having any problems with my VP50 and 24Hz FR which I use quite regularly with my Sharp panel (which like your does native 24Hz.)

It takes a bit of fiddling to get the frame rate locking set up I found, but once you have it and have assigned it to a profile and saved that profile, you should normally not have any problems.

I'm running Vs which I imagine is exactly the same as you are running now.

Take it you've been able to get a proper picture on your tV from a BD player at 24Hz?

Hey Phil,

I've been pretty busy and away from forums for a while now .... since I posted the last comment, I didn't try anymore.... not sure what the issue is, could be framerate . if I output directly to the panel is fine... (PS3)

the mac mini also doesn't work well if I connect it straight to the onkyo amp ... it needs to go via the DVDO .... (output at 720p .. it 'tears' at 1080p ...

so the set up, as usual is a little complicated, and I don't have much time now for any investigation..... it will have to be delayed.... it just annoys me (sure you can understand) that I can't get 1080p 24 working perfectly .... I guess 1080p 60/50 will have to do ....


PS: hope you are well ... Say hi to Robert when you see him.
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I had automatic sd/hd selection working fine on the VP50 for some months now, together with the Oppo BDP83 bd player.
I had set 24p "fixed" or "auto" on the Oppo and both worked fine: whenever a film did 24p that was accepted and shown as such under the VP's "info".

Recently, for no apparent reason, whenever I select 24p in the Oppo, the VP50's "curtain" draws close, and the pic becomes black.
I've reset the Oppo to factory settings but the issue remains.

I tried changing hdmi and many other options, but that won't help.

Only the 60 Hz setting (on the Oppo) seems to work.

What may have gone wrong?
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Yeah, I know. Why's this moron bumping a thread that's over three years old??? Well after much trial and turmoil, it appears that the HDMI out on my VP50 is dead. Called tech support (quick response by the way) and since all my hdmi cables work fine when by bypassing the VP, and since I can't even get the menu to show onscreen, I am left with not too many options. If I send it in for repair, it is a flat $400. I had planned to sell it and my Mosquito HDMI in the classifieds here but now it's just the Mosquito. My other choice it seems would be to trash it. Any idea if there are "user serviceable" boards inside? Is it worth $400 to fix it or would I be lucky to break even? Thoughts, opinions... Thanks folks. I have a Lumagen Radiance XS going into my rack full time so I don't HAVE to have the VP50 but I hate to see that investment go completely down the drain.
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Well the moron bumped the thread and is now being the guy that responds to his own question biggrin.gif No user replacable board 'cause it's one big board as far as I can tell. I looked at it a couple seconds, then quickly decided to put the top back on and not even think about poking around...
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There must still be people using SD. I can't think why anyone using commercial HD would even use one.
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Originally Posted by TSHA222 View Post

Thoughts, opinions... Thanks folks.
IMHO, you are out of luck. I doubt you'd receive $400 on the used market for a VP50 so it's not an economically viable repair.
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Yeah, that's kind of my thought too. I was hopeful yesterday when I discovered it was out but realistically, just not practical.
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2nd hand VP50 units go for around $300 to 350. If the BNC RGBHV / component on yours still work, you can probably still get $200 for the machine. Especially for use with videogames, missing HDMI doesn't hurt this much as it only disables the use of HDCP protected sources and to use a scanline simulator you have to use RGBHV out anyway.
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Good call. That had not occurred to me. I'll check that. I had actually planned on keeping it originally for my laserdisc player (I know, another topic for another thread) and if the analog outs work, I may just play around with it with the couple of analog sources I still have.
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