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DVR shows to avi or dvd?  

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Okay, I used D-VHS mpeg2 transport stream to capture my shows from my comcast dvr 6412 onto my laptop. I can watch it on my laptop with VLC media player, but can't seem to convert it to mpeg or avi to burn it on a dvd, nothing works. Every program I use to read what codec it is using to convert it isn't working. windows media encoder takes too many hours, so what next?
Can anyone with knowledge or experience in making this work, please let me know how. I'm pretty savvy, so I catch on pretty quick, but alot of the info out there seems very time comsuming to convert this, please tell me it doesn't take an entire day to convert this.

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What programs have you used to convert? Ever tried a combination of DGDMPGDec, AviSynth and VirtualDub?
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Well, I've used Virtual Dub for converting my movies so that I can watch them on my pocket pc, or for joining avi's, but other than that, I've never used DGDMPGDED or Avisynth? Is it very time consuming? I might end up getting rid of my dvr, because I prefer the quality of the shows recorded with my media center pc than the comcast dvr. I have an xbox 360 and I use that as a media extender, so it's nice to watch the movies or tv shows that I have on my pc on my tv screen.
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DGMPGDec is for analyzing MPEG2 files and decoding the analysis file. AviSynth is for frameserving.

I have an AMD Sempron 3200 with 1GB RAM and analyzing the main movie for FFVII Advent Children (DVD) only took me 11 minutes. For DGIndex.exe, I've left all options to default except for Audio >> Output Method >> Demux All Tracks. Basically DGIndex will give you a d2v file that contains some details about your MPEG2 file.

AviSynth scripts are basically text files with a .avs extension. I prefer to use it for processing videos instead of using VirtualDub filters since it tends to be faster.

Sample script (plugins downloaded from AviSynth website):
LoadPlugin("C:\\Program Files\\AviSynth 2.5\\plugins\\DGDecode.dll")
LoadPlugin("C:\\Program Files\\AviSynth 2.5\\plugins\\Decomb.dll")
LoadPlugin("C:\\Program Files\\AviSynth 2.5\\plugins\\NicAudio.dll")

video = MPEG2source("Red Eye.d2v").fielddeinterlace().crop(0,60,0,-68)
audio = NicAC3Source("Red Eye T02 2_0ch 192Kbps DELAY 0ms.ac3").Amplify(5)
Then just open the AviSynth script with VirtualDub, set video (fast recompress mode recommended) and audio compression, and save. For this part of the project, you probably already know how much time is needed.
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Just use Ulead movie factory 5, it will make your mpeg2 stream into a HD-DVD or inot a DVD if you like, works pretty fast too
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