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Originally Posted by StreetPreacher
And since Headrusch is currently running a 6800GT the 7600GT probably won't be much of an upgrade.
But it has full purevideo functionality other than WMV HD ( this is broken on all AGP 6 and 7 series cards, unless nVidia have fixed it on the 7600 GT ).
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Trusted Reviews just put up some benchmarks of the current AGP cards. Should be good reading for those still looking to upgrade. I was happy to see that my 7800GS is still a bit faster than the 7600GT, however not in all tests....



I think something is screwy with these results. My card will run Counter Strike Source at 1680x1050 4XMSAA, 8XAF, etc. and not drop below 40FPS. I'm not sure what to make of these results...

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It looks like the 7600GT AGP cards are now available at Newegg, and at the current price they're a better deal than the 7800GS...


EDIT: They were showing 'in stock' when I originally posted, but it looks like they've already sold out. :)
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This looks like the card to buy if you want to get some life out of your aging AGP system.

I am still waffling on building a Conroe system...problem is there aren't any games out right now that I absolutely have to play that I can't. Hell I've been trying to go through COunter Strike: Condition Zero, and ain't no problems playing THAT high rez ;)

But last night I was messing with Prey and HL2 on the gigantovision Westy.......and I realized that 1600x900 is 90% of the image quality of 1920x1080, but gives me a significant bump in performance.....all of a sudden Fear is playable, HL2 Lost Coast with HDR is playable.....

So now I'm wondering if I really wanna drop the $$$ on a new system just yet........waffling back and forth.
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Aready sold out!!?? There must be a lot of PC/AGP gamers waiting for this 7600 GT card.
HeadRusch, do you mind telling us what's your PC specs? I would love to get a PC to handle the current games, but I don't want to get Conroe (might be overkill) since my g/f is limiting my budget.

I guess Oblivion is the current 'measure stick' on how well a gaming PC performs right?
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I'm running a P4 Northwood 3.0ghz overclocked to 3.4Ghz with 2 gigs of Ballistix ram. I've got a 6800GT running at 405Mhz.......by playable framerates I mean I'm in the 50's....not optimal, but enough to get me by for the time being.

Todays machines, even the Conroe chips, are really dirt cheap. 5 years ago these chips would have been like $800 at launch. Today you can get a $200 Conroe that will overclock 800+Mhz on stock cooling in some cases. Thats huge. If your G/F is limiting you on that kind of expenditure, I dunno what you can get thats cheaper.....
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Thanks HeadRusch. I've got a 2.4Ghz w/ 1G RAM....I guess I'll be okay with that and a 7600GT. Probably sometime next year, I will move to Conroe.
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That sounds like a plan.....before my gigantovision monitor I was gaming at 1024x768 on my 19" monitor, which looked fine to me, and I knew I could keep doing that for awhile longer without issue...but...then I had to get the big ol HD monitor ;)

Finding the 1600x900 resolution is a bit of a compromise...it doesnt look as great due to scaling, but it doesn't look *bad* either.....

Thing is, I find myself playing older games lately (no real new ones have captured my fancy) so I'm still good. I'm sure the day is fast approaching however when a new game will hit that I just gotta play, and my system will grind to a screeching halt.

Then I spend the bucks.
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