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Weak/no sound on single (Comcast) cable channel?

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I haven't been on the forum for a while, but have run into a problem that has me stumped. I have two 50x0s on Comcast, and have discovered (while trying to record "The 4400" for my wife) that I get no sound on that channel (USA Network). I get sound when tuned directly through the TV, so it's not something Comcast will fix, but whether live or recorded, I get no sound through either of the two ReplayTVs. All three devices go through the same splitter/amp, are wired similarly, etc.

This has me stumped, and I know of no way to diagnose it. I've power-cycled the RTVs, checked the sound on adjacent channels (all channels, actually), and it's fine. But one Channel -- 54 -- has only the tiniest hint of sound when turned to max volume, along with some hiss and crackling (the kind you'd expect when a "silent" channel was turned all the way up). I've dumped the recordings with DVArchive and the sound is non-existnant there too, making this an RTV tuner problem, I guess.

But why in the world would the RTV eat one channel's sound, with no other problems?

(I did search for this -- it sounds a little similar to this thread , which never got a resolution. )

-- gnet
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That's a stumper.

The only suspicion I have is that your splitter/amp is messing with the signal a bit.

Have you tried bypassing all amp and splitters and hooking a replaytv directly up to the coax cable comming in from the wall? If those channels get sound with a direct connection you'll have a lead.

ReplayTVs can be finicky about weak signal and overamplified signal.
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Had a similar problem quite some time ago. Turned out the problem was the cable going from the wall to the splitter. I didn't want to believe it, but when the cable guy replaced it with a much higher quality (read: more expensive) one, it worked fine.
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Strange, just ran into this problem last night with my unit. RF Channel 6. I changed out cables with no change, so still get no audio when live viewing or recording.

The worst thing is that this had been working fine for the past year at least at this location, nothing has changed locally unless the cable company has changed something. It recorded a program Tuesday night fine on that channel, and Wednesday night it had no audio. {grumble}

Anyone else?
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Same here - I don't get sound on the Weather Channel (29) on my Comcast setup. Have tried changing cables, rebooting etc --- I don't have a splitter either. I've taken the cable off the RTV and directly to the TV - and the sound is there, but take the same cable into the RTV and channel 29 has no sound - but all the other stations do.

Its been this way for over a year --- thankfully its not a station you actually need to hear
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I should have noted that I'm not on Comcast, but on Insight Communications in Rockford, Illinois. And, wonder of all wonders, it's working perfectly fine tonight. Go figure.
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I had the same problem but discovered that the "SAP" was on. Some remotes have a "SAP" button and some remotes have to go through the menu to get to the "SAP" function. If menu, go to audio and change "SAP" to Mono or Stereo. "SAP" stands for (Second Audio Program). It has to do with aiding visually impaired people.
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Got to the box's menu from the channel in question. Go to settings, then language, then audio language, then select english preferred!!! Let me know if this solves your problems too...

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THANK YOU! I just had the same issue with the ID channel having no volume - I must have hit the LANG button on my remote some time ago - I just pushed it & instant volume.

I'm using the smaller remote that goes to the small Comcast box, not the large cable box that has the time & channel located on the front.
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