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Toshiba REGZA LCDs -- Review needed

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Does anyone have either the 42HL196 or the 42LX196 model Toshiba LCD? I am looking for reviews but can't find any. I read a thread here which seems to indicate these sets are not true 1080p? Is that the case? Are there any other 40-42' sets that can do 1920 x 1080 in the same price range ($2000)

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Me too...
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Sharp LC-4262DU and Westinghouse LT42W are it (besides the Tosh's) for 1080p LCD's; the first two accept 1080p but the Tosh LCD's don't. Everything else in the 1080p LCD sweepstakes is either 40" or 46".
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I have the 42HL196 and I am very impressed with it. For the money I dont think there is a better alternative.

I compared it to the Samsung 1080P and there was much more value in the Toshiba. I am a videophile so picture quality and sound quality are very important to me. The best buy sales rep kept trying to convince me that the Sammy had a better picture..... but it was being driven by a blu ray DVD and the Toshiba was being driven by a bad HD feed.

I have noticed that when you view from side angles the set washes out somewhat but when you are in front of it...... it is incredible.

This set has a cable card slot and great sounding internal speakers. HD broadcasts are incredible and it handles SD much better than I would have thought. The first night we had it we connected it via component and it was excellent. The next night I picked up a 200.00 HDMI cable and it took the picture to the next level.

We put it in our bed room and now we will not watch TV in our family room.

I need to find a big LCD for may family room.

I am extremely pleased with all facets of this TV. Especially picture and sound quality. I highly recommend this TV.
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Note that unlike the Samsung 1080p set (which I have), the Toshiba has native 1:1 pixel mapping mode. I played with this at CEDIA and it works well. This means it won't have the terrible overscan that the Samsung exhibits which rules out its usage as a PC monitor, and softens even 1080p output pictures from HD DVD/BD players. It is a shame as I like the Samsung but they seem to have no plans to even address this problem when I talked to them at CEDIA (their folks didn't even understand there was an issue here).

Someone in my team has the Regza and really likes it.
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And from the specs I have, it says it supports 1080p.
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You are talking about the LZ (not the XL and HL) LCD's that Toshiba announced at CEDIA would be coming out later this year, right amirm? Not the XL and HL LCD's out for months now that are 1920x1080 native but don't accept 1080p as an input, right?
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I have a 32" Regza lcd (with built in dvd). this model has been out for a few months and may not be representative of the larger screens.

WHile I like the DVD built in for the kids, I have had this unit next to a 32" Panasonic from costco (the 60u?). The Panasonic is clearly a better performer on a number of dimensions. Firstly, the brightness level difference (after both sets were optimized) was noticeable. More importantly, the black levels on the Panasonic were superior and really did contribute to a more three dimensional image. Next, the toshiba exhibited signs of ghosting which were not apparent on the Panasonic. Finally, the Toshiba was terrible when viewed off axis (maybe 30 degrees from center). This was not an issue with the Panasonic which advertises "in plane" viewing of 178 degrees or something.

In the end, i wanted to make a case for the Toshba but after two weeks of working these sets side by side at the same time, I was unable to do so.

One comment - if you d purchase this set, you must use the HDMI inputs. The difference between component and hdmi on this set cannot be overstated.
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Crap ... these don't accept 1080p either?!?!

My list of possible TV's just keeps getting smaller
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The HL196 HDMI supports 1080i max.
The LX196 HDMI does support 1080p.
If you swing by crutchfield.com you can download the user manual for both as well as the Sharp 1080p. The 1 to 1 mapping modes are useful but are implemented a bit differently across brands; the Toshibas only display 1080 content in 1 to 1; the Sharps will matte 720 and other resolutions in 1 to 1.
Seen some nice deals on all three at CC, BB, and even Sears, but the best live displays are at CC; the local BB feeds the Toshiba the same crap they feed the Westinghouses. Makes you wonder why they bother to carry them...
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Has anyone tried to display 1080 from HD dvd or Blu-Ray? I am curious as to what it would do. When I set the output from my cable box to 480P for my analog and digital channels, I get terrible artifacts in the picture. If I change it back to 480 interlaced, I get beautiful picture on my standard def channels. This tells me that the de-interlacer in this TV is of a far better quality then the one in my p.o.s. Motorola cable box. How can an LCD display, with a native progressive resolution, that wants to display everything it receives as progressive, not be compatible with a 1080p signal? It has 1080 lines of resolution.
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i am considering purchasing the 47in regza but i can get the 62in toshiba dlp for the same price so i'm kinda torn. that's a huge difference in size for the same price.
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I just bought the Toshiba 42wl66e( Asian model I guess) It doesn't do 1080p. But I read that there is little or no difference in 1080p or 1080i if watching from a 42 inch. Unless its 50inch or more.

I'm very happy with this set coz High def looks crisp.But SD as always, cant beat CRT.

If high def is your ultimate goal. Then this set is good from my price point.
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