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Palliser - Brando

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I few people wanted to know what I thought of the Palliser Brando seats I just received so here's the scoop. If you have more questions or want some pictures feel free to ask. I bought through www.discountleatherchair.com after contacting a few other people that had purchased through them. They also sell fixed price on ebay for the same as they advertise on thier website. This also allowed me an easy avenue to contact those that had recently bought from them. Price was as advertised. All came as advertised so this was a great relief since its tough to put down over $5k with someone you've never met in person. Before I go on to the seats I will say that as with many others on this forum, I also was subject to a rollercoaster of delivery date changes. This is a theme among many manufactures and sellers from what I read. I believe that this is out of control of the seller and due to the variability of manufacturing semi-custom seats. These seats are custom in the fact that they are built to order. Your color, texture, leather grade etc are to your choosing. I think this is why they are not the cheapest but of good quality. They come from Winnipeg, Canada so I can't blame shipping delays. As it turns out, I had a two week delay due to an arm that didn't pass quality control. A new arm needed to be manufactured. Prior to that there was a week long summer shuttdown for vacations in the plant. My order took 7 weeks vs. the estimated 4-5weeks. Tough to take but waiting is always hard.

I've watched only a few movies but so far I love the seats. They look stunning, they are firm enough yet still comfortable enough initially so that people don't comment on them being too firm. I like that the fact that the cushions are not so pillowy. Its downright hard to find a seat that isn't $1k per seat that has a snug leather fit. The seat is also comfortable for larger sizes. I'm 6'3" and somewhere between 230-250 lbs. (sorry for the range - I don't weigh myself regularly). My daughter is 50lbs and still can close the manual recline so I like that its not too stiff for all users. I went with 4 manual and 4 power recline. The manuals are for the front (kids row) and I didn't want them to play with the power recline. I on the other hand really value the infiniite adjustability of the power. I think the manual can set at various points but it definately has two points that are prominent.

Before I forget - the boxes came FedEX. Don't ask me why. The shipping was included but it couldn't have been cheap. It was the only option. The fed ex delivery man was nearly paniced - my boxes took up 3/4 of his van. If I wouldn't have been there to accept the packages he wouldn't have been able to do his route. The base comes in one box and the arms come in separate boxes. The largest box (base) I received was 36.5x24.5x30.5 inches (LxWxH). Therefore my 26" entrance fit in the boxes with no problem. They are sectional in nature and the pictures show this. I'll likely think of more details to add but I'll have to do so at a later time. Its getting late.

The boxes we received - we brought one in at a time to unpack

The base unit without the back

The base extended without the back

The bases connected together - pretty simple - so far no sign of separation on carpet. Notice the nice detail on the backs. I like the variation. It looks really classy.

All in place

I tell you - after working on this theater for over a year of nights and weekends, there is nothing to compare to the feeling of seeing it all completed and seats in place. Until now - it was just a vision. Now its reality. I haven't had this feeling of Christmas morning for a long time.

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Wow, Grant, Your theatre room is absolutely stunning! Very classy, indeed. I love your carpeting and color choices, very tastefully decorated, too.

The chairs look awsome. What leather did you choose?

I couldn't agree more with you about the comfort and support of the Brando. Thanks for everything, the great pictures, and advice.

I am currently trying to decide on leather color and quality. My husband wants fabric, but will agree to leather as long as it is not too "slippery". Unfortunately, the one color i really like seems to display this qulality. It has a higher sheen to it.
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Thanks for the complement. My wife and I had a great time deciding how to achieve the look we desired. We were thinking about the details for 3 years so lots of ideas (and changes) were bounced around.

We ended up choosing a grade 2 leather - black in color, tulsa for texture. Its semicorrected so it still retains a very leather feel vs. a simulated leather feel. Its really hard to explain but we had the same concerns as you. The wet shiny leather look wasn't what we were after. I'd suggest getting some leather samples - they come quickly and then you can see for yourself the texture and sheene. I think your husband will be happy with the choices they have to offer.

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This was a very nice write-up. I appreciate knowing how something like this was shipped and seeing the chairs in the stages of completion.

Agree with hockeygirl, gorgeous theater.
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I agree too beautiful! and What is that carpet it is the nicest one I have ever seen in any HT.
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I ordered the exact same seat last week with the standard leather on furnitureblue.com because they had a sale and free shipping, the 4 seat cost less than discountleathercahier.com.. Are they comfotable? I'm also putthing this chair on the second row as the captain's seat from sharperimage
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To answer some questions

Yes, the chairs are comfortable. In my opinion they have just enough lumbar pad to feel supported without feeling like your back has to conform. My wife hates the lumbar support in most vehicles but finds these to be just about right. I like the height and width of the arms. I was a bit worried that we'd be playing elbow jockey like in the theaters but they are wide enough so that we both have enough space.

The carpet. Ahh the carpet. Its a love hate thing with the carpet. I love the look and feel of it. But I still am shocked by the price tag. I believe it was close to $4500 for our 18x27 space. Granted, 1/2 of my space is over some old granite which added $500 but I'm trying hard to forget about the cost. I had originally estimated about $2500 so you can see I'm not a very good budget keeper on the homefront. The carpet is by Royal Dutch and the fellows that installed it said its of top quality. The backing is worth more than most carpet. Very little stretch and very long life. I don't know what that really means but it makes me feel a little better. My space didn't need seams so its intact otherwise they were supposed to sew the seam on this type. By the way - the place that we ended up going with was the cheapest of 3 quotes so don't think I didn't try to do better.

Take it easy and good luck with all your projects,
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Hello Grant or whoever can assist,

I'm looking for a little advice.... I am getting conflicting info here regarding the power controls for the power seats. One person told me it is a remote type device that basically lays loose on the seat and another told me it was in the handle similar to the manual control.

Can someone tell me?

If it is a loose remote style, is it an inconvenience or does it look bad? I would think it would be mounted in the armrest but maybe it's easier this way to put the option on the chair without customizing the armrest. But I'm thinking you'd sit on it or have to move it all the time before sitting down.

If manual, please describe. I think I'd rather have it this way being the handle, now an electric switch type, is more concealed and no chance to sit on compared to a remote type...

Thank you in advance whoever replies!!!
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It is the same control handle in the manual recline.It is well concealed on the side of the seat pad. It is between the seat and the armrest.
I have and like both.
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I know generally it's the same chair but is the $200 per seat worth the comfort gain??? I like the fact the seat won't open more or close more accidentally if you change your seat position a little. But I guees if I buy 4, is it even worth it? And since the lever is at your side, do you ever bump it???
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I put motorized in a loveseat that I sit in with my wife.The others are not motorized.For me it was worth it.My guests are happy with manual recline.You can not accidently recline,but use extreme caution with children and recliners.
Hope this helps.
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Thanks again Coastal! Much appriciated!

I'm definitely going to buy the Palliser Brando but looking at a few shops to purchase. One is leathershoppes.com. Anybody have anything good or bad to say about them???

Thanks again everybody! This forum is great!
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Originally Posted by MyS4Rocks View Post

I'm definitely going to buy the Palliser Brando but looking at a few shops to purchase. One is leathershoppes.com. Anybody have anything good or bad to say about them???

I just recently ordered (about 14 days ago) a set of Brandos from them. For me they are local and I've been to their store. I can't say anything definitive as my order is still in progress, but so far they've been great to work with.
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I got mine from furnitureblue.com
They were great.I had a problem with one seat(factory defect)and they had it fixed.I do recommend them.
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Can you both tell me the dates you ordered your Brandos and when you received them? I'm interested to see if the two orders generally took the same amount of time.

Thank you again both! Eric.
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I purchased my set from Discount Leather Chairs and it was exactly 4 weeks from the day I ordered until they were delivered. A few days after I placed my order they emailed me with the the date my chairs were going to be out of production at the factory and ship. I received them (in the Chicago area) only 4 days after they shipped from the factory in Canada.

Discount Leather Chairs was great and I love my Brando Chairs. I would highly recommend them both.
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Hey everyone,
I agree with the previous statement that power reclines are nice. I have 4 of each and I definately prefer the powered ones. Guests and kids don't mind the manual because they don't sit in them everyday. When I watch movies on the weekends it usually starts with some DVR, a general flick and then one I've been really wanting to see (or resee). This amounts to 5-6 hours in the chair. If you've only got two positions it can get a bit uncomfortable in my opinion. I find that I change the power recline setting every half hour or so. I notice my wife does the same thing as she changes her sitting posture. $200 for an upgrade is significant so perhaps just outfit the seats you'll use most often? They are identical in appearance. The small handle looks the same and until you move it you wouldn't know the difference. One other thing about manual seats, I've noticed that they are not the easiest to push down when your done with them. You have to give them a swift move with your feet in order for them to catch.

Enjoy the seats! We are definately glad we chose them.
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I ordered from Furnitureblue.com.
They were great to work with.It took about 6 weeks to get the seats.Their price included"white glove delivery"(delivery and setup as well as removal of the boxes).
I recommend furnitureblue.com and the Palliser seats.
I also agree with Grant about the manual seats being slightly difficult to close when you are done.
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I was just doing a quick Google search on Palliser and discovered the Marlon Brando family/estate has recently filed a lawsuit against Palliser for using the "Brando" name.

Click here for details.

Apparently a full page ad in the LA Times a while back really put them over the edge! Too funny. I wonder if I could sue Peet's Coffee for using my name?!

The seats look great, by the way.

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Is the Brando now renamed Sequelle?
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Originally Posted by tradewinds View Post

Is the Brando now renamed Sequelle?

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My wife and I just ordered four Palliser Sequelle seats from Discountleatherchairs.com. We got straight with loveseat in grade two leather match, all motorized. I'll keep you informed. I am pleased to know everyone here seems to like them alot. It is difficult buying something of cost, sight and seat unseen.
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I'm thinking about doing the EXACT same thing! I got a lot of samples. We may go with a grade 3 leather. There isn't that much of a difference in price.
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For a slight gain in softness, you give up something in durability and cleanability. Hey, does anyone know if the leather match option on the Palliser Sequelle, has real leather on the inside of the armrests?
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I just checked a Camio seat we have here and the top and front of the arm rest is leather. The inside and outside is vinyl. I would assume the Sequelle is the same, but you know what they say about assumptions...

And I recommend going with the Grade 3 upgrade. It's a good value for the money.
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Thanks for the info Ken. The only real hesitation I have is with the arms. Everyone shares an inside arm. I don't want to feel like I'm sitting in an airplane. For the most part we wont have that many people in there. So that probable wouldn't be a problem. Do the wedge arms make much of a difference?
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The top of the end arm rests on the Camio measure 6.5". The wedge arms will give you more room to share them.
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I'm hoping you migh tbe able to asnwer a question for me, since your chairs came disassembled:

I bought some used in another city, and need to transport them about 10 hours to here. Most shipping companies do not want to transport the assembled chairs. How hard is it to disassemble the chairs into their base/back/armrest, etc?
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I just ordered the Palliser Rhumba seats, 4 each, can't wait to receive them. They were the best we have ever sat in.
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The Rhumba is highly regarded for it's comfort but the design is touch and go with many people. I personally think it looks great and you are going to love the seats....you just cannot beat Palliser's warranty and the quality is great too. Enjoy!
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