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I recently bought a couple games that have finally made my PC of 6 years look old.
I have a,
Soyo Fire dragon Mobo
512 ddr266
128 mb Geforce4 ti4200
Pentium 4 2.4

I bought oblivion and fear. I have read everything about oblivion so I know why it doesn't work, but fear at least plays although choppy.

I really don't want to build another PC yet becuase I have IDE HD's that won't work with new SATA mobos. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a new video card to make these games more playable. my budget is around 70-100. I know its not much for a video card, but thats what I have to work with. I have to use AGP as well. I plan on gettig 1 gig or two gigs or ram versus my 512 and a new video card and hopefully I will be OK for a another year or 2. What do you guys think I should do? Is it worth upgrading those two things? or should I just start planning on building a whole new system?

Is this card good enough for oblivion?