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new HDMI capture card?  

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Just in case you havn't heard of it.

Ah I still can't post links


Article is on theinquirer d0t net and it's article number 34318
blackmagic HDMI capture card.


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Holy ****.

Here's manufacturer link:
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To those wondering, its unlikely this has HDCP support.
However, clever people will quickly figure out that they could run this through a HDCP stripping device...

However the real use for this is that with $5k budget, you can have a full HD, 4:2:2, two-camera production studio, something that previously could only be done with HD-SDI cameras and equipment that starts at $10k+

Kind of bad news that it doesn't do 480p though.
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Some of the parts on that board:

AD9883AKST-110 Highly Integrated Graphics Interface Chip Includes Three 8-Bit/110 MSPS ADCs
140MSps, 8bit ADC, SXGA resolution

AD9380KSTZ-100 Analog/HDMI Dual-Display Interface
150MSps, 8bit ADC, 1080p/SXGA resolution
(Note, this *does* support HDCP, but probably not enabled)

PX1011A Philips PCI-Express PHY

Xilinx Spartan-3 FPGA XC3S1256F
Xilinx XCF02S Jtag-programmable EEPROM

CY7C68013A USB2 Controller (wtf??)

CY22392 Programmable clock

LM2697 Power regulator

I wonder the purpose of a USB2 connector on inside of the board? Its connected to EZ-USB FX2LP, which is a general purpose USB2 controller w/8051 MCU...
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Using this + intensity, can capture from analog component as well (for example to avoid HDCP)
Still cheaper than $999 decklink HD
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Any chance this might work with Windows MCE using an HDCP stripper?
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