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Direct TV Signal Loss  

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Just curious if anyone else with Direct Tv is experiencing signal loss. For me it happens almost every night between 6-9 PM. My locals, HD channels, and wife's international channels start pixilating and cutting in and out to blank screen. This only happens on my HD receiver. Other 3 standard receivers have no issues.

During signal loss, checked strength on satellites 110, 119 and 95 (international). Transponders on all 3 satilittes pulse between normal strength and zero signal. Thus the reason for my problem.

Direct troubleshooting team are for the most part no help, and to date, can not tell me what is wrong. This is what I have done so far;

Swapped receivers from H10 to H20
Swapped line from dish to tv
R2 6X8 multiswitch connecting 2 dishes (3LNB and international dish)

only thing not changed are LNBs, but since channels from both dishes are cutting out, I find it hard to belive I have a LNB problem.

Anyone else with these issues? To me, it seems like a receiver issue, but I am on my second one.
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In the last two weeks, I've been having some reception problems similar to what you've described using a older Sony SAT-100HD receiver. The only difference is that all of my channels are affected, not just locals (and I don't have the receiver hooked up to an HD-capable TV, so I don't know about the HD channels).

My other receivers, HR10-250 and H20, don't appear to be affected. Also, different from what you describe, my signal loss comes during the morning hours. I notice it between about 6:00 AM and 9:00 AM PDT. At night, I haven't had much problem and I don't know when it clears up since I'm at work during the day.

I haven't tried swapping receivers yet, so I don't know whether the problem is the receiver, the switch, the dish or the cable connecting everything. Maybe it's the morning fog and the SAT-100HD is particularly sensitive. I really don't know.

I think it's likely either the receiver or something downstream of the satellite dish though since my other boxes seem to be unaffected. That being said, if you learn of a more general problem, please let us know.
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