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Love my Canon GL2

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Hey, why not, it's a spanking new section!!! I really enjoy my Canon GL2. Yes, it's been around for a few years, but it's video quality is outstanding. It's a 3 CCD job with a 20x optical zoom. In low light situations, it's not as good as some other models out there, but with proper lighting, it's probably one of the best prosumer models that's no HD.
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Hi Everybody, I am trying to make 5 posts so I can place a url on a post to allow me to get some help.

Sorry and Thanks.
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i just bought 2 canon gl 2s for outdoor use..i noticed the cameras are always giving the clean video head error and i was wondering if i made a mistake???would the sony vx 2100 or the sony pd 170 have been a better option???
i noticed the canon is so sensitive to moisture and the elements or are all cameras like this???we are using the cheap panasonic tapes from B and H photo that are like 2-3 dollars each...will a more expensive tape stop the dirty video heads ??
if we film in the rain {even if the camera is dry} there will be bars thru the footage or it will be pixilized???we have lost some valuable footage due to these screw ups..
we are new to all these expensive cameras and we are lost...we recently purchased 4 of the canon gl 2s based on recomendations from others and i was now wondering if the it is the camera or the tapes or us???
alo along that line , we bought the seinheisser mke 300 shotgun mics for the cameras and they are great but they pic up the camera noise of the zooming terrible...we can hardly use them because when we are filming wildlife in a quiet woods, if we zoom up on the critter the cameras zoom is picked up on the mic and that isnt any good either???any ideas here either???
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