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I can't seem to find these Gemmy screens in stock anywhere. Not even listed on the Walmart website anymore. Anyone seen it anywhere?
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may be a seasonal item.
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gemmy's product partner website says late June.

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I ordered mine 3 months ago on HSN for $185 minus a $15 coupon that can be found on google.

I just checked and it is still in stock. Just search inflatable screen and it will show up.
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Here is the latest on my scenario trying to get this screen into Canada. I tried HSN's website - nothing for Canada. I googled to see if there was HSN site for Canada > nada. Called the 1-800 # and it is not available in Canada. Went back to Gemmy's site and they have three "retailers" listed: Walmart, SkyMall and some "Improvements Place" (couldn't read it as the graphics were so small). Went to SkyMall.com and they had the screen for $254 but they have a price match guarantee. I called them up and in the VRU phone tree there was an option for non- USA delivery locations (getting warmer) when I talked to the rep she was putting the order in and then found out that this item does not ship to Canada . I called back today and am having the screen shipped to the hotel in Orlando that I will be staying at the end of April. The screen is in stock according to skymall and will take 14 days to arrive. The way the price match works is that I need to buy it a full pop and then I have to email / fax them the proof of the lower costs. We'll see.
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We're building a pool in a few months, and this is just what the doctor ordered. Now I need to get a projector....
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My gemmy should be waiting for me at my hotel in Orlando. I'll call to verify when I get back to the office. I paid a little bit more than the walmart price but I got desperate. If all goes well, I will use SkyMall's price protection so I will ultimately pay the same price.
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I got my gemmy screen at the end of March and finally had a warm day to try it out. We watched "Finding Nemo", just the two of us, (no time to really post invites and really wanted a dry run anyway...)

I was hoping someone had posted in here how the "ironing" went with this screen. I had the screen up for 6 hours or so before we started the movie and the fold marks were still annoying to me, (and me alone). Can this thing be ironed? After doing that, I would look at rolling it up instead of folding it. It will take up more room but I know the picture will be fantastic!
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Got my gemmy last week, but I haven't even opened the box yet.

I am still trying to figure out what projector to get that will have enough lumens/brightness for outdoor viewing.

what is everyone using?
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I'm going to be using mine with an HD70. I hope it's bright enough.

I too am having a heck of a time finding one of these things. I want one for the NHL games this weekend.
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I finally was able to get mine through HSN.com and they had the best price, they have them in stock. I just set it up and it looks great and was so simple to setup.
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Anyone have any luck with the folds in the screen yet?

Considering one of these down the road, but those folds and wrinkles in the screen would
be a deal breaker.
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Originally Posted by uscboy View Post

Anyone have any luck with the folds in the screen yet?

Considering one of these down the road, but those folds and wrinkles in the screen would
be a deal breaker.

I just got my projector the other day so I still havent used my screen. But I would say leaving it out in the sun on to warm up while laying flat would help. I would be afraid to iron them out, but I bet you could do that too with some kind of cloth as a buffer, but be careful.

I plan on the first option on the next sunny warm day. Then once the wrinkles are gone, I will roll up the screen and store it seperataly to there are not wrinkles to worry about.
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I thought initially that should be all that was needed, but like Judy said... 6 hours in the
Texas sun and they were still there.

Just curious if anyone took an iron to theirs yet...
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Early impression: I like it. Got mine a few days ago from HSN, no problems. Can't beat ease of use, with the following notes:

- there's 16 screw-type metal pegs used to secure the support leads and the "feet". They work, but they're a pain (we have mostly red clay earth here.) Skinny metal tent pegs will be fine for me here.

- the support leads aren't adjustable. Visit your hardware store, drop $20 for some adjustable tethers and you're there. Or tie adjustable knots.

I thought the fan noise was pretty noticeable. I wouldn't call it a deal breaker, but it was worse than I hoped. To be fair, I was a professional musician for a long time and I am extremely picky about audio. And I, too, left the screen out in the sun for two straight sunny days with nothing doing about the screen wrinkles. I am considering ironing (very low, with a bunch of towels) or using a hair dryer as a low power heat gun.

I also noticed that the low edge of the screen is only two feet or so off the ground. I'm going to try and rig some way to hang my projector (as opposed to table-top use) so that people can sit in front of the screen.

I can't post an URL in this message, so imagine Borat speaking: please to finding review of screen at website call projectorreviews of dot the com slash Manufacturers and slash Gemmy with slash index dot with a-s-p. Bouncy bouncy.

My (low budget) setup:

InFocus SP4805
LiteON LVW5005 DVD player
Mackie 808M amp
Community CSX-35 speakers
Ultimate speaker stands
bunch of cables

(I know I said "budget" setup, but the audio was left over from the band days ... so it didn't cost ME nuttin'.)

The block party is Memorial Day weekend, so I figure I'll test it again before then. Maybe I'll manage some pictures.

- R
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Originally Posted by richdvn View Post

I can't post an URL in this message, so imagine Borat speaking: please to finding review of screen at website call projectorreviews of dot the com slash Manufacturers and slash Gemmy with slash index dot with a-s-p. Bouncy bouncy.

Here's the link, sans funny Borat delivery:

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I still can't find any of these in stock anywhere . And we are half way through summer .
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I am researching purchasing an outdoor theater. I have been looking a the one offered on Frontgate for 1999.

Is this a good price or should I opt for something like the Gemmy screen and then seperate projector and speakers?
Screen is 8 by 9 with 8 80watt speakers.

Optoma MovieTime DV11 digital DVD/CD player/projector system
Revolutionary digital MovieTime projector with fully-integrated DVD player and speakers
Direct, pure digital signal from DVD player to screen for a rich cinematic experience
Optical audio output for Dolby Surround Sound experience
Two 5-watt stereos
Video images are projected 48" to 359"
Native 16:9 DarkChip2 DLP digital DVD projector
1,000 lumens and 4000:1 contrast for superior color reproduction
Incorporates O2air, a photocatalysis air-purification technology that creates reaction to eliminate smoke and odors
Uses ImageAI, an Image Auto intensifier that automatically adjusts video output for amazingly high contrast and details
Advanced 7-segment color wheel
Multiple Quick DVD ZOOM presets
Optical audio output delivers up to 7.1 channels of stunning surround sound
Resolution is 480p (854 x 480) Native, SXGA+ (1400 x 1050) Compressed
Projection Distance: 4.9' to 32.8'
Format compatibility includes MP3, WMA, JPEG, Audio CD, DVD, VCD
Media compatibility includes DVD, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, Audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW
No analog or sampling errors
Operating temperature is between 23° - 95°F (-5° - 35°C), and 80% humidit
Outdoor-grade, full-range, self-powered loudspeakers for pristine sound
30' audio cables
High-speed electric air pump
Adjustable tripod, ground sheet, stabilizing nylon rope tie-downs, and ground stakes allow for sturdy set up
Screen is made of commercial-grade, mesh-reinforced PVC
State-of-the-art, inflatable, high-definition screen inflates/deflates in minutes
HDTV-compatibility and optimized settings for high definition, widescreen cinema quality
Padded storage bag and rolling duffel ensure easy transport
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No, its is not a good value at all. The frontgate $1999 model uses a 96" 16:9 screen (probably by Sima) and your sound source is from the DV11 itself, ie no other audio components. Now compare this to the gemmy solution: 149" screen for $200 or so. The DV11 now costs about $900 (less if look around, almost half this price if you get a refurb or its predecessor, the DV10-which btw is no different). You can buy a tripod for about $50.00 and so for under $1200 you have a screen that is 50% bigger but way way less than the frontgate model.

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Thanks for the reply. So I would also need to get some speakers as well? Are they relatively easy to hook up to that system? I have also heard that the Epson Moviemate 25 is a good option. What is the best choice for quality pciture and sound?
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Hello everyone,
Just to let everyone know that walmart com has the Gemmy screen in stock for 179.97 a $20 drop in price. I ordered one last week at 199.97
checked the web site saw the price difference. Called walmart online and got the refund for the difference. Can't wait till it arrives.
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I own the Optoma DV10 and the Gemmy screen. It makes a decent combination, although the sound could be louder in an outdoor setting. For ease of use, it can't be beaten. We normally use the DV10 indoors, but we've taken it to friends' homes and on vacation. It never fails to amaze people.

In order to play on the Gemmy, the DV10 needs to sit on the ground, (or a piece of plywood) because it directs the picture upwards at a fairly steep angle. You won't need a tripod.

Overall, these two items make a great combo. I think you'll use the DV10 (or DV11) a lot. We usually just project to a wall which almost always works well. But like I said, it never fails to impress.

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Thanks for the advice (from a former Buffalonian
I ordered the Gemmy screen it should be here by Friday.
I am going to shop around for the DV10, is it possible to hook
additional speakers to the DV10?
I'll let you know how it works out,
Thanks again,
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The DV10 does have an audio out port, but you would need to hook up self-powered speakers or a receiver with speakers to it. I've used a self-powered speaker and it works quite well. In outdoor settings, it definitely makes a difference.

Take a look at ebay for the DV10. There's usually a few of them on there, both new and refurbished. Normally I have no problem purchasing refurbished electronics, but I worry about the lamp in a used projector. I'd probably buy new.

There's a lot of Buffalonians scattered throughout the country, there's just not many of them still here.

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Placed my order today . I hope to have it by next week .
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Got the Gemmy screen and a DV11, tried it last night with couple of issues. Ok I admit I am not the most knowledgable when it comes to projectors as this is my first one. The picture even with adjusting the zoom and moving it around was bigger than the screen. Also the sound from the projector was not really loud enough with all the crickets and tree frogs we have around so we attempted to hook up some speakers and never could get them to work. So my question is how do I adjust the picture to better fit the screen and is there some sort of setting or something I need to make the speakers work. (Good thing we kept the group small and fed them well I am hoping to try movie night again this week.
Thanks so much,
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If your projected image is larger than the screen, then you need to ether zoom out, or move the projector farther from the screen.

The RCA red/white line out, or headphone 1/8" jacks on a projector, will not alone power speakers at a useful volume level for outdoors. You need an amplifier or A/V receiver (also an amplifier) to take that audio output from the projector and amplify it for speakers.

A better strategy, though, is to takes the audio output from your DVD player and run it directly to the amplifier.

You "might" find some computer type self amplified speakers you can use from the 1/8" headphone output of either the DVD player or the projector.
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Ok. The DV11 has a built in DVD player so I am using that and the Audio out on the back of the DV11 has two outputs stereo and digital. My thought was that I could get a set of JBL 4" 2-way bookshelf speakers (bestbuy) or the Polk Atrium Indoor/Outdoor 41/2" speakers, will they hook into the digital output (1 connection) or do i need to somehow hook up a receiver to the dv11 if so what output do I plug the receiver into the audio in (red and white). I am just a little confused as if you can't tell
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Originally Posted by 4Dthinker View Post

If your projected image is larger than the screen, then you need to ether zoom out, or move the projector farther from the screen.

Maybe in bizzarro world.
In my world we zoom in or move the pj closer.
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