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Motorola DCT6412 III Won't Record, Any Advice?

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This past Thursday I FINALLY got my DVR/HDTV hooked up. First let me say that COX has this ridiculous policy in which you HAVE to get professional installation on the DVR/HD reciever. They charge you FIFTY DOLLARS for the guy to come to your house and plug the coaxialcable from the wall to the box, then the component cables to the TV and then plug in the power. Friggin ridiculous. I wired my complete home theatre system with 6 different components and all wires hidden under the floors/behind the walls with zero problems and yet they charge me $50 for something they say needs professional installation when all you do is plug in component cables like pretty much every other video device you hook up? The ORIGINAL digital cable box was harder to hook up (that was a breeze too though) than this one because you had to plug in like 2 or 3 coaxial cables into different spots, and they didn't make me have "professional" installation for that, I just had to o there and pick up the box. Same thing with high speed internet, it takes more time and effort to hook all that up but they don't force you to get pro installation.

ANYWAY, lol, my rant is done, onto the point of the thread.

OK, so I've had it since Thursday and I haven't really checked out the DVR function til now. I had set up a few shows since then to record, but I never went back to watch them, Well, just now I went to check em out (since it's halftime in all the football games, lol) and there's nothing there! I press the "DVR List" button on my controller but the list says "No saved shows are currently available" yet I go to the next menu to view the "scheduled recordings" and there is the whole list of the shows I set to record, yet none of them did. Any idea why? I just tried to get to the troubleshooting page on COX's website to email them or live chat but I got the "404 page not found" error.
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I agree about the professional installation although my cable company (Insight) at least doesn't charge for the installation. The first installer said there was a six month waiting list for the 6416 when he installed a 6412. I decided I would live with cable for a while and ordered another unit. This time the installer came with a brand new 6416 (the 6412 had seen better times). It takes up to a week to schedule an appointment that takes five minutes. Now I have scheduled to have the 6412 swapped for a 6416 and yet another appointment! So all told it will take about three weeks to install two receivers with about ten minutes of that time being at my house. Not to mention I had to "teach" several reps that they had both models as all they are aware of are one and two tuner models.

Anyway regarding the recordings I believe my 6412 "skipped" a recording or two right after being installed. I don't know if it was related to the schedule getting populated or whatnot... since then it has appeared to work fine.
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I Just got my box from teh Office and Set it up myself,

Some Notes About teh 6416s (6xxx Series actually)

when Cox Hits the box to goto teh Emergency Alert System, it locks teh channels (you must change channels on both tuners to re-enable recording (press channel up, SWAP, then channel down)

there are 2 Tuners, so, if there are two programs you want to watch on at the same time, tune to one, press swap to to another, and when switching between the two Use teh "SWAP" button.

Every Once and a while though you'll get teh "Unrecordable Channel" Prompt , usualy after the Updates or EAS is tested/Used.
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I finally just called COX and the lady just reset the box and it works perfectly fine now.

On another note, one HUGE feature I miss from my old box (forgot the model number but it was the black Motorla, it wasn't a DVR or HD, just normal digital reciever)is when you set a timer to "remind" you of a show (not record), it would autromatically switch to the channel if you didn't put that channel on before the show started. It was one of the best features EVER since I could fall asleep to one channel and still wake up to Sportscenter or something just by setting the timer. It was also good if you were out when a show came on, you just come home and turn on the TV and the channel would be automatically on. That saved me more than a few times when I forgot a show was on and otherwise would have missed it. This new box has the feature but it doesn't auto switch, it just says "show starting in 60 seconds, press "select" to go to the channel" and then pops back up again saying the show started and to go to the channel, it doesn't actually go to it for you. I hate that and it's going to take a LOT of getting used to as I used that feature more than anything. I'd always have my timers maxed out, lol.
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Help! We have had our DVR for about a year and all of a sudden it won't record. I have deleted all the saved shows thinking that a memory was full, but it still won't record. When I go to the menu, the tagged shows still are red and look like they are ready to record, but they don't. I thought I would try here before I called the service provider. Any suggestions?????

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I have the same problem. It just happened in the past couple of days. Any ideas of what's wrong and how to fix it? I rebooted, deleted saved programs, etc. and no change. Thanks!
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I'm hoping my problem is not unique. Please tell me someone else has experienced this.

I've been fine with my HD DVR for well over a year now. First with Adelphia, then with Comcast when it bought out Adelhia. However, I have a serious problem with the DVR now. It's a Mmotorola DCT6412 III. I went to Comcast last Fridat to exchange the one I had, because after only recording 3 HD programs at an hour each, it would tell me that my capacity was 100% full. My wife would turn the TV after coming home halfway through Days of Our Lives, wanting to start it from the beginning and the screen would have a big message on it to the effect: "No Recording Space Available. Open your DVR menu to delete some programs to free up space." I know for a fact an hour of HD programming takes up between 6-7% of the drive. Three programs should not cause this. So I delete a program and it suddenly shows my programs at 13% full. Fine! I leave the menu an go to the on air program, hit record, and it won't record. Usually when I hit record in the middle of an hour long program, I can record it from the point where it started, because the replay is always on.

Anyway ... so I get the exchange and voila! It did the same thing today, only this time I only had ONE (1) program stored on the drive. I'm sick of it. I cannot rely on this unit. I'm afraid that exchanging it will only result in the same problem not very far down the line. This is ridiculous.

Has anybody else experienced THIS particular problem?

Thanks for listening.
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