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Info on various led projectors

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Read an article in popular science about the mitsubishi pk10 and it got me interested on led projectors I like the fact that you don't have to replace a bulb and there size.

I know none of the ones available are really a worthwhile replacement for a true home theater projector, but I like idea of carying one of these around in a laptop bag with a laptop and having a very nice mobile theater or gaming setup.

I've seen that there's others available and I'm wondering which would be the best and if anyone here has actually seen one.
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anyone at all seen one?
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LED projectors are realy just proof of concept tech toys rights now. I'm not sure they will make it in the real world. Laser may be the next step. You are gonna be better off just useing that laptop's screen for games and movies for a while longer.
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Any more thoughts? You can buy the pk10 for under $400 from Amazon (hello wish list!). Still scanning reviews, but you can get 40" image in a 'dimly lit room'. I'm thinking 50-60" in a batcave. When is this useful? I'm not totally sure. Not much use even for a travelling lecturer like me, as in mixed room lighting the image is still quite small, but I'll be thinking hard of uses

Anyone have one yet?
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It'll be good for battery/wireless/quiet operation. Imagine pulling one out of your pocket at a restaurant running slideshow from a flash drive, and firing it on an adjacent wall without messing with wires/cables.
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and imagine getting kicked out of said restaurant for annoyingly projecting something on their wall.
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I'm still interested in this unit... for $380 shipped it's a pretty interesting toy. I do travel and teach some, but that's a pretty small image for a classroom that would have to be pretty dark, not optimal. I love the 10,000 hour lamp life (and cheap replacement I'm sure). My normal reaction would be to think 'cool tech, once it matures in a couple years I'll pick up an XGA model that's twice as bright' but for some reason this is already 53% off from Amazon... and it came out in what, January? Strange.

I'd like the flexibility to set up a quick mini theater in the kids room, hotel rooms.... definately a toy with the present limitations.
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I am looking at getting one of these, to use inside my truck camper. I have some left over Silverstar screen material, that I will probably cut to form a small screen about 40" diagonal. Even with the 25 lumen output, the FL should be around 20, (figuring 2.5 gain of the ss material) so I might go bigger, if I can find the space.

Anyway, there are several of these out there, including the Mits PK-10, which is discounted because you can now get the PK-20 for about double, along with a Toshiba model, a Samsung model, and a Boxlight model.

Problems I see, are that there is no lens shift, zoom, or Keystone adjustment, so you would have to position the projector in only one spot, to project properly on the screen, even if that location is in your lap.

Also, it is 4:3, not 16:9, low resolution, and limited inputs.

Not sure whether to try this or, if there is another inexpensive, and very small non-led projector that woud suit my purposes better. Big advantage to the LED projectors, are that they only consume around 20 watts, perfect for my camper.
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I had a thought, Free. You probably can't go beyond 50" regardless of light/gain due to focus limitations. This is where the lack of zoom hurts, the optics will be limited.

Thanks for the input to this thread, the PK20 looks like it's probably worth $200 more... 150% brighter, made to go to 60" size, tripod mount (I wondered if the PK10 had this, big oversight, imho), audio and SD card reader. But at $600 it's not so much of a impulse-buy that the PK10 at $380 would be.
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Just revisiting this, there's finally a review up here and the PK20 is stabilized at $500 from many vendors. $100 or less (on Fleabay) for the battery seems like a no-brainer. I think a video iPod is the perfect companion for this (also battery run, has low-res A/V out) so I'll pick one up shortly, and report back.
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I purchased the Toshiba, a couple months ago, and it is a pretty cool little toy. It is a toy though, with very little light output. The coolest thing is to have it running on its included battery, sitting in the palm of your hand.
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