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It should be good this weekend. Hopefully no rain...
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Saturday night weather looking good!
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I am planning a movie on the 4th to go with the fireworks! I hope it doe snot RAIN!
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With the beautiful weather of the last day or two, we almost pulled the gear out.... almost. I'm jealous of those of you who live in the warmer areas...

C'mon Mother Nature!

PS - Wow this thread is older than I remembered.
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Yeah - I have started feeling it as well. We are also outside Chicago - Crystal Lake. I think we have a ways to go before we can count on good weather. 6 movies this year is my goal. We usually do only 3-4.
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can't wait i tend to show movies every weekend.
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Its' getting close to Showtime Outside!!!
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Originally Posted by joerod View Post

Its' getting close to Showtime Outside!!!

Got my first one of the season planned for Friday. So far so good - weather wise, according to the forecast.
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Got our first show in on 4/25. Nice weather to start and about 15 people there. As final credits were rolling the lightning started. Everyone pitched in to get everything down and inside. Second show was 5/15. Smaller turnout and everything went great. Season has finally begun in central NY.
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WE decided to go a different route this year. We sent a survey out to our friends and family and asked them which movies they were interested in seeing (we asked each to pick 5 out of about 20). This gave us a good indication of how the age groups were skewing. We always picked movies before and then questioned whether they were appropriate (either skewed too young or too old).

Then we tabulated the results to get our top five for the summer, which we have prescheduled - one a month - throughout the summer starting in May and going to September. The most popular movies picked are:

Night at the Museum (May 22)
Bolt (June 20)
Bedtime Stories (July 24)
Madagascar 2 (August 7)
Hotel for Dogs (September 12)

We usually have about 30 people there - but this typically involves only our immediate neighbors. This year, we invited pretty much everyone we associate with. I am hoping to push the attendance to 100 or more.

And this Friday's weather looks great! Let's hope it holds...
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well im pleased to announce the Shirley street theater will re-open for its 2nd season this weekend. movies to be announced early Saturday. movies are shown every weekend. if not outside they will be moved into the garage for showing.
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well i might be opening the theater Friday instead. we'll see what the weather does. so it might be open friday saturday and sunday.
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well forget friday. it was supposed to be like 78 its not even 70
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Originally Posted by kiss_alive View Post

well forget friday. it was supposed to be like 78 its not even 70

Yeah - we are outside Chicago and its the same. But we're still having the movie tonight. It's a bit windy right now, but I am hoping that the wind dies down a bit before the evening (it usually does...)
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ok then i guess i will give it shot. im going to show Kung Fu panda for today. if its warmer saturday and it doesn't storm around show time i will start doing double features.
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We showed Night at the Museum last night - what a great movie to show for movie night. There is some minor peril (the dinosaur bones had a few children freaked out), but overall, a nice, safe movie enjoyed by both kids and adults.

But boy did it get cold last night!!!

I found I have some technical issues to work through. When I play a DVD through my blueray into my receiver and send to my outdoor speakers, every once in a while, some kind of feedback or short will happen and cause my receiver to shut down to safe mode. Very annoying - happened three times in the movie last night.

Also, my screen did not last the winter very well, and the seams were very noticeable.
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So, tomorrow will be our grand opening for the 2009 drive-in season. As was the case last year, this is the only showing where I poll the invited guests and show a surprise title based on their votes. And the winner is...


We had a bit of breakage last year when my son dropped the main section of 1.5" PCV screen frame and broke a wye fitting. Repaired that and also 2 grommets on the screen material.

Also changed the from PC to MAC this year. Very different editing on a MAC, but I am rendering the previews as I type this message.

Finally, let me warn you all to be careful what you ask for. As for me, I forgot this and invited about 90 people to this showing (kids included). Apparently the economy has effected us in ways I never expected and EVERYONE ACCEPTED! So I guess I'll be grilling, policing and serving tons of food and drink all day. Any chance I'll even see the movie beyond the initial alignment and focus? I fully expect a great time and a bunch of great photo ops.
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im tired of the cold nights. the days are like 70 but the nights are 50. ITS FREAKING JUNE WARM UP ALREADY. its going to be a cold summer
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Our first movie is coming up on the 20th, and the way it has been going, I'm worried it won't be warm enough! Ten day forecast for my zip (I'm also in Chicagoland) has us not breaking 80 until the 16th and 17th when it will be 81. And, then down to 60 at night.

I need to go burn some CO2 in the backyard.

I agree.... Warm up already!
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Wow - this weather has been miserable. Wet and cold in Chicago. This is the perfect set up for mega-mosquitoes in July when it gets super hot and humid...
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