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What Portable A/V do you Own?

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Thought it would be good to start one of these topics.

I have a Creative Zen M and a Cowon A2

I use the Creative mostly for Music and TV Shows

The Zen I use for Movies
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Recently returned my 60gb ipod for an 80 gigger. Last day for return policy at BB, so I got 20 more gig for $50 less! Have it hooked into a Shellbrook Audio Lab Maxi Moy Signature w/ bass boost most of the time feeding some Shure e4cs.
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Originally Posted by Scarpad View Post

I have a Creative Zen M and a Cowon A2

I use the Creative mostly for Music and TV Shows

The Zen I use for Movies

So what do you use the Cowon A2 for?

I have a Sony PSP + 2GB MS Pro Duo. Used mostly for 30 minute anime episodes (and internet and homebrew). I've also got 2 Gigabeat F-series MP3 only players. I was considering getting a Gigabeat S-series, but now, the 80GB iPod seems more bang for the buck. Still waiting for a better player, though, since I have an irrational dislike of iPods.
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A few weeks ago, I finally decided to make the move from the clunky CD/MP3 player format to flash players, since they finally have exceeded CD-MP3s in capacity, cost, and features. I ended up getting the Sandisk Sansa e250 2GB player, it has audio, radio, video, record, expanadble memory, and more - all for less than a nano.

Unfortunately, to get video on you must convert it to MOV format through this media converter. Since it is a one-size-fits all solution that has virtually no options, conversion either works or it doesn't (ususally doesn't). If it doesn't convert properly, be prepared to spend several hours, if not days browsing forums, downloading freeware and codecs, and following complex tutorials to get it working properly. Because of how technical and poorly thought out the video feature is, I can only recommend this player to advanced computer users. Everyone else should check out the Creative Zen Vision M Plus player for their MP3/video solution.
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looking into the Archos 604 or the Cowon A3.
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iPod 30GB
Shure E3c earphones
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I have a Dell Axim X50v now. I used to use a 30GB Nomad Zen Xtra, but I realized I didn't need that many songs on the go, plus a Pocket PC is much more versatile.
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I use iAudio X5 30GB. I've been very satisfied with its sound quality as well as multitude of supported audio formats.
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i have Zen Vision W for Yahoo Music Subcription and TV shows in Divx (converted by Eyetv 2 on iMac)
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I have a RCA Lyra 2780 and a Palm Lifedrive
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iRiver Clix and 30 gig iPod
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I have a Zen Vision:M 30gb for my DAP and PMP needs and a GP2X for some classic gaming on the go.
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Imate Jamin Cell phone (windows mobile 5 pda) with a 4gig SD card. When I'm at home I can connect via WiFi to my media center pc and play anything from my 100 gb library without having to worry about sync'ing or converting. Theoretically I could do this from any wifi spot but I don't have my firewall set up to allow public connections...

Shure e500 headphones, (just got them about a week ago) still breaking them in.

Currently looking into portable amps / external DACs for playing off of my PC to eliminate EF noise
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Archos AV700 with an extra battery.

I use Slysoft CloneDVDMobile for DVDs (and I delete the file after watching, or buy the DVD if I want to keep it). I also move Tivo content onto my PC, and this transfers seamlessly to the Archos using WMP.

4Gb iPod nano for audio.
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I have a Cowon Iaudio U3. The closest you can get to audiophile quality in a 1.15oz package. It is also the worlds smallest video player which is more of a haha look at this kind of thing at a screen size of 1.2 inches but it is still cool.
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Hi Everyone,
I do not own a portable video player. But I do have an portable audio player.
I have an Sharp MD721, that I purchase in Japan back in 1999. Yes it seven years old and have survive sevaral drops to the floor etc. I have about 150 self recorded MiniDisc's, The MiniDisc are copied from old vinly records, cassettes, and some CDs. When compareing the playback quality, you cannot hear a drifferance between the CD and the MiniDisc. I can here a slight differance between my HalfSpeed Records and the MiniDisc recording. The compression ratio used by the MiniDisc recording technology ATRAC is ~1 to 5. MP3 compression ration runs ~1 to 13.
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iRiver PMP 120, 20GB Version. One thing I hate is the complex user interface. Plays divx at ease
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I've got the 60GB ipod video. Up till a few days ago I only was using 10GB. 7GB of music and 3GB in video.
However I just bought a nice ipod conversion program and am in the slow task of converting my favorite DVDs over.

So far I've got 10 full movies on it. One of the first being star wars WS.

So now I'm thinking about getting a 80GB ipod. I figure ill use the 70-75 GB for video if I do. And the rest for my top songs.
But with two ipods I could really get a lot of video on their.

Although I could just store everthing on my PC and convert all my movies then just add them as needed.

Lets see about 400 dvds. That's about 250 hours of work. Giving 1 hour per movie to convert. And a hour here and their for trobble shoting. About 250-300 GB of PC space will be needed so I may need a bigger HDD. As the one I have is 200 GB right now.

Regular HDD are pretty cheep.
I wonder how I could orginize the movies. One folder. By type. Actors.

Must sleep now 2:08 am
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I'm contemplating the Archos 504. But for now I use an HP Ipaq 4350 with 1GB SD memory. Wireless LAN gives me streaming internet radio or video. I store Seinfeld episodes at 40MB each, an occasional movie at 250MB, and a selection of mp3's. It's by no means high end, with 64k colors, 3.5" diagonal, 240x320 resolution, but it's good enough for now. It also works with my bluetooth gps for on- and off-road navigation.
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indigo, isn't it surprising that we haven't seen any pocket pc based mp3 players? wlan playback of the home library at lossless bitrates, mobile web browsing, rss feeds, etc. I just wish there were better DACs in them.
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Archos 504 (40 gig) and the DVR Station.
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30GB video ipod.... used mostly in my car
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30g video ipod
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Palm TX with CorePlayer, 480 x 280 resolution on a 4in screen, bright scenes look great, dark not as good. DVD encoded to Xvid, a 2gig SD card holds two 2.5hr movies.
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Looking to purchase my 1st portable audio device. I will be using as a primary device on my home audio system, after i download, so im more concerned about the best audio quality. Im a newbie at doing this , so i can use the advice.
I have been told to get a product to record in wav files as these have less compression. I will be playing on a classic audio system including Martin Logan Aeon I.
Any suggestions for product, Archos or San disk or Zen ??

Thanks in advance.
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It's my understanding that WAV is a lossless but has NO compression, so you will have very large file sizes. There are other lossless formats (FFLAC, WMA, etc) that will be much smaller file sizes at the same quality, but you have to select the player that works with whichever format you select.

Finally, if you're concerned about audio quality enough to think you'll be able to appreciate lossless vs even 192kb files, then you'll find that the 'bottleneck' for audio quality coming out of devices is the DAC chip in the player itself. If you are for REAL seriously concerned with audio quality, then the optimal solution seems to be a portable player with a line out going to a portable headphone amp.

I'm pretty sure that message may have not helped very much at all but I did want to point out that WAV wasn't an optimal format.
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Creative Zen Vision: M filled with movies and a 2 gig Sandisk player filled with music for the gym.
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Zen Vision, the larger 60 gig one. My only complaint: it's full!

I also bought some as is Dell 20 gigs off ebay, the hard drives are all toast, but I found some online for $90 each, so that ended up being a good deal.
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Cowon A2, great video player. Audio is nice too - supports FLAC - but it is not gapless. That's a bummer as i listen to a lot of live music. But I still have my beloved Rio Karma for gapless music playback.

Rumor was that Cowon was going to work on gapless playback since it has become "popular" with the ipod supposedly going gapless. We'll see if they will actually take that leap with a year old unit. Cowon has been great in terms of firmware support. . .

And also have the newest addition for portable recording, the Edirol R-09. 24 bit recording and playback of .wav and mp3 files on SD cards. Will reluctantly accept 4Gb cards.
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It all started with a miniature Walkman back in the late 80's.... Since then I've own and used a lot of portable devices most of them audio, and more recently upgraded to video... Starting in 1991/2 timeframe my list includes;

Portable Sony DAT Recorder TCD-D3
Original Sony Minidisc Recorder MZ-1
Various other portable MD players and a head unit
Original Archos Studio 10 mp3 player
Rio Karma that died and untimely death
Archos Gmini 400 Audio/video player (20gig)
Creative MuVo Slim (512k)
Sony PSP (1/2gb Memory Sticks)
iPod 4gb Nano
Etymotic ER-4P and ER-6i Earplugs

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