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Official Sharp Aquos 42D62U/46D62U/52D62U Owner's Thread (NO PRICE TALK!) - Page 409

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I'm guessing that the LCD isn't sealed that's why dust and other particles are getting in to the screens.
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Hi everybody,
I own the 52" model and need some help with the audio output settings.
Basically, I will like to connect my PS3 and HDTV sat box to the TV via the HDMI inputs and then send the audio of both devices through the TV optical audio out to my receiver.

After a quick search, I found some people in this forum claim that you cannot pass through an optical audio signal when using the HDMI ports, however, I have managed to pass a dolby 5.1 signal to my receiver using the TV in between the devices (source is a PS3).
The problem is that I can only hear sound when playing a BD or DVD. Once I use the PS3 for anything else I get no sound (not even the sound click when scrolling through the PS3 menu) .

PS3 audio settings: PCM 44.1, 48hz, Dolby Digital.

*Note: I can get sound when playing a movie in both HDMI 4 and 5 inputs- the audio is only output to my receiver and not the through the TV internal speakers (which is exactly what I want).
I do get a message: An incompatible audio signal has been received. Check the output device settings. In spite of the message, I can hear dolby 5.1 movies using my receiver (the AC3 5.1 lights up).

My experience with the Sat receiver is even worse. I can only manage to get sound on the TV internal speakers, but I need to find a way to send it directly to the receiver.

Does anybody have this HDMI--> TV optical--> Audio Receiver working correctly?

My only only assumption is that a firmware upgrade might enable this capability to work properly.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

PS. I'm out of optical toslink inputs in my receiver, I will like to get this working via the TV in order to avoid a switch. Thank you.
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I have a 46D64u to which I am trying to connect a CinemaGo brite view via HDMI cable.

I get picture (up to 1080P) but no audio over HDMI. I can get audio over composite cables, and the brite view box works fine on my colleagues Plasma via HDMI.

I tried all the ports, different cable, no luck.

I updated the firmware, but no change.

Anyone successfully connected a brite view via HDMI?

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ro2207, did you ever solve your optical audio out issues? I'd be interested in what you did if you did.

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Originally Posted by bsharkman View Post

ro2207, did you ever solve your optical audio out issues? I'd be interested in what you did if you did.


Unfortunately I was unable to find a work around, I'm currently using an optical audio switch. When I bought the TV a few years ago, I always had the intention to connect two HDMI devices and output dolby 5.1 sound to my yamaha receiver (not dts capable) via the optical out. I thought of it as a nice addition for those of us who don't want to buy an HDMI audio receiver just yet.
That output turned out to be pretty useless...
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I am new to this site.

I assume this post will be regarded as resurrecting a "zombie thread" because, by today's standards the Sharp Aquos LC 46D62 is yesterday's news.

I have one; I still like it - I've had a failure and I am wishing to repair it on the cheap.

I have already determined that one of the four inverter PCBs (RUNTKA255WJZZ) popped because there is HV leakage associated with one or more of the CFL backlight lamp assemblies in the upper portion of the display. I also have a dim band in the suspect area (that is/was before I popped the second inverter board.)

I am looking for a source of the CFL Backlight lamps. Actually, there are generic sources out there, but I have been unable to cross-reference the Sharp dual lamp assembly part number to the dimensions and specs for the individual lamps that would make up an assembly.

Any info on this subject will be much appreciated.

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Reply to my own post:

Found CCFL Warehouse and was able to purchase 4mm generic backlight tubes in the proper length for my 46 " Aquos

Purchased a new inverter board from ShopJimmy.com

In about 2 1/2 hours was able to tear down the TV and discover one of the CCFL tubes was burned nearly black half-way along the length. Replaced it and the one next to it in the pair. Two (2) of 22 lamps replaced and I have couple of spares if I need them in future.

Everything worked out fine.

It is not too daunting for someone who is a bit handy - and can solder - to repair the backlighting of an LCD TV.


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Good work!
I still have of these and they look really good.
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Good job! My 46" unit still has great pictures after 4 years. As long as it works I don't see any reason to replace it any time soon.
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Does anyone know what the latest firmware for the D62U series is? My current firmware is U0610191. I have searched numerous posts online and even the Sharp website and cannot find anything. Also, if someone has the latest firmware for this series could you please PM me or email me at warren.marshall@ryerson.ca. It would be much appreciated!
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I'm having a similar issue. The pic is an extreme example, it mostly is apparent during darker scenes, however it doesn't show up at all in bright scenes. I like the tv and want to keep it, but this is pretty annoying to look at and I don't want to spend much on a repair, I'd rather put the money toward a new one.
Maybe someone else had this problem and knows what it is...
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