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Programming note. A new episode of "30 Rock" will air at 8 ET tonight instead of Thursday. "The Voice" will air on Thursday this week.
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This episode and season can best be described using one gif:

Every other show on TV in comparison can best be described also using one gif:

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not quite sure how to interpret your post
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30 Rock = Great. Everything else = Not 30 Rock
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loved the wedding ep.

this show is going out with a bang!

best season in a while.
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nice to see how they are wrapping up all the various storylines and characters.

next week is the very last show.

should be a good one
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It's sad that 30 Rock is ending on what has probably been their greatest season yet. Gonna miss it.
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SAG awards tonight to Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin for best male actor and Tina Fey for best female actor in a comedy seizes. A touching send off to the 30 Rock crew at the end of their wonderfully successful seven year romp. Members seem to be saying to them that you 2
have made great tv. And well want to acknowledge all the great works all of you done over the last 7 years..

Touching stuff. For a show shutting down on this their very last week.

Awwwww 30 rock, you will be sadly missed but always warmly loved
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last show tonight

goodbye old friend
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Yeah, I'm checking in myself.
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A pretty good sendoff. To me, nothing can top the first three years, but this final season rose to the challenge.
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Maybe I just don't get it. I turned it off after the cameos by Belzer and Ice-T in their Munch and Tutuola L&O:SVU characters with the dead body that wouldn't stay dead.

Speaking of Munch, where is he? He hasn't been on L&O:SVU in weeks! eek.gif
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I enjoyed the final episode - sad to see it go!
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