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Yamaha YSP-900 release date?

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Does anyone know when this successor to the YSP-800 is scheduled for release? Thanks.
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Not sure about stateside, but they're available in the UK now. Hopefully over there too?
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I don't see the ysp-900 released in the US yet, but it apparently is in the UK and Japan. Anyone what the holdup here is? I have a empty slot in an entertianment unit waiting for it, but am wondering if I should buy the ysp-800 instead.
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The prices on the 800 are dropping significantly recently. I'm thinking that's a sign of the 900 coming soon but its just a guess (kind of like apple dropping prices ahead of upcoming new products to clear inventory). That in itself might be incentive to get the 800 and save a few hundred. I think the 900 will be improved sound wise and feature wise based on the changes between the 1000 and 1100 but I doubt the changes will be too monumental to not enjoy an 800 NOW rather than wait for something that may take a while to get to market anyway. I e-mailed yamaha about the 900 and the seemingly canned response was the 900 wasn't scheduled for US release anytime soon, please look at the 800 instead. That was december though.
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