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Sorry guys. Been swamped with work and can finally give a review of the 507 and my impressions so far.

I've had about 15 hours logged on so far, probably 4 or 5 have been critical viewing via Toshiba XA2 HD DVD player.

There are many different parameters across various menus. This set is a tweaker's delight no doubt. That many settings caused a couple hiccups for me, but REWARDS patience and trial and error.

Initially upon HDMI hookup, my Toshiba XA2 looked merely GOOD with HD DVD's and OK with SD DVD's. After several minutes, something wasn't right, which especially bothered me with HD DVD's because I'm used to seeing them sharp as a tack. This worried me as I am VERY picky about PQ and called the industrial sales rep thanks to Chris at Cleveland Plasma. Mike instantly had suggestions, and KNOWS THIS LINE OF PLASMAS BACKWARDS, as he owns the 507 himself.

The rez problem was because I had not properly signal formatted the panel and the SD and HD DVD signals were being TRIPLE processed! Once by the Reon chip in the XA2, then by the Key Digital card and then by the panel. The result was a soft picture that I was not impressed by. I was on 750p and selected the 1280x720 ATI signal and IMMEDIATELY noticed a dramatic difference in sharpness with all signals routed through the Key card. Now we're cooking with crisco!
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With the rez problem remedied, I went back to my Sound of Music test DVD and played it with my XA2 set to 720p, like I did many pages ago in this thread. Ahhh, simply amazing! Virtually NO grain whatsoever, and exquisite detail even in dark abbey scenes early in the movie. The 507 CLEARLY equalled the 5070 now in that regard.

Gamers, look no further. Xbox 360 gaming is made for this set. The seamless orbitor modes and soft focus settings make burn in I believe a non-issue, although many say it's been addressed already. Dead Rising has NEVER looked so lush and crisp to my eyes before. I played MUCH longer than I planned because I couldn't stop gaping at the screen. Gears of War looked like .....words fail me. Anyone in NE OH is welcome to drop by for a treat. And...it gets better....

I'm watching HD DVD's now in 1080i via DVI port, and it's amazing. Still have tweaking to do but will report back in the next day. (yeah I know it can't resolve all the detail but it still looks great!)

I'm off to go pick up a 360 VGA cable and test more

More later...
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Congrats blue! Do you have any pics of your shiny new toy?
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what would be the advantages/disadvantages to the following setups:

1) 507CMX + onkyo SR875 receiver (onboard reon video processing) + 5.1 surround

2) 507CMX + KD-PC2 + onkyo SR605 receiver + 5.1 surround

also, can somebody please elaborate on what it means to "unlock the 507CMX's dvi input" - i read in the manual that copyguard protected signal cannot be displayed through the dvi input..

does this mean that any copyrighted dvd can't be shown?

would an upscaling/upconverting receiver (e.g. the onkyo SR875) process a dvd signal so that it would no longer be recognized as copyguarded?

is the signal from a cable company (Wide Open West; WOW) set top box/DVR copyguarded?

sorry for all the q's, but i need some help here!

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I rephrased my above question in an e-mail to chris and thought I'd post it here with his responses in red:

I was going over the possibilities for my HT setup and it looks like I'd be better off getting the Onkyo TX-SR875 receiver with onboard Reon video processing for $1300 and cut out the expense of the KD-PC2...

1) Would the video processing I get from the onboard Reon be as good as the KD-PC2?Probably close

2) Would the 507CMX refuse to display any signals from the Onkyo through the DVI input?You would probably be ok, but you might need the Pio 5004

3) Would I need to "unlock" the 507CMX's DVI input by getting a Pioneer 5004 for the expansion slot? If so, what would this cost?You would probably be ok, but you might need the Pio 5004

Would still appreciate any other input... again, thanks in advance!
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The panel needs a card in slot 3 to unlock HDCP on the DVI input. This way you can hook up HDMI devices with an adapter, or run DVI devices that also require HDCP. The Pio 5004 card is probly the cheapest option to unlock the DVI port, check with Chris at Cleveland Plasma. As far as the reon processing, I'm not up to speed on that. But I have read a lot of great things about the KD card.
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^^^^ I have not personally tested the DVI port without a card in slot #3, However in this post earlier in this thread there is a member who has no problems not running a card in slot # 3. <<>>
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I have the 507 CMX and the Toshiba XA2 and just bought the Panasonic BDP-10A bluray player.

The tv does not play the bluray in high def, I tried fooling with it for 2 hours last night. It will only play it in 480 progressive. NOw here's the WIERD part.. It WILL play my Toshiba XA2 in 1080i or 720p and there is NO card in the Key/5004 slot!
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I was really surprised! The Toshiba XA2 must NOT be HDCP compliant, or something, because the high def I get is AMAZING. Period. SO is XBOX 360. EVERY BIT AS GOOD as the 5070 I played with for hours. I played VIVA PINATA for 4 hours yesterday, after only 95 hour break-in, with the orbitor on the whole time (orbitor 3) and there was NO IMAGE RETENTION whatsoever. I looked! This set rocks my socks....

I'm waiting for the 5004 card from Cleveland Plasma (soon Chris, please!) and then will post back with the BDP-10A blu ray player. Should look good.
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Quick question:

>>>The specs for the DVI input say that they are HDCP compliant and support DVI1.0. However, I am seeing posts here which seem to suggest otherwise, hence the need for the 3rd party card. So whats the deal? Can I plug in HDMI via HDMI-DVI cables and will it work?

OK. Found the answer to this question (will work but at 720p only and not 1080i).

So: How much does the 3rd party card with the 4 HDMI inputs cost (ballpark number)
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^^^^ It is crunch time on Key Cards, they are just about gone forever. The card streets for about $500.

Add the Key Digital Xplorer Card and you will have a Pioner Elite picture quality with alot more inputs. CLICK HERE

Inputs this panel will have with the Key Card Added.
4 hdmi (supports HDCP)
DVI(supports HDCP)
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I have had my key digital for a few weeks now. My conclusion is that the DVI input of the monitor gives a slightly more detailed picture when compared to the key digital card. More "pop" in the picture too using monitor's DVI input directly. My eyes can easily see the softer picture with the card and I think it has do with all of this extra scaling, Etc. talked about earlier. I am getting rid of my card and if anyone is interested give me a PM. Not to say that this is a bad card at all but just not what I am looking for.

I have also noticed another anomaly while using the key digital card. From my Comcast Motorola DCt3416 I noticed judder with fast movement. The best way to describe it is during the ticker movement at the bottom of CNN or Sportscenter. The lettering would jerk along instead of giving you smooth scolling text. Triple checked all my settings according to the setup procedure, and all settings were correct. After trial and error I found that this motion judder was eliminated by using 1280x768-2 INSTEAD of 1280x768-1. Key Digital's setup procedure says to use 1280x768-1. Weird.
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Doing some more research into this.
If I plug in the Pioneer Add on card, I will have
1. An HDCP compliant DVI-D input
2. A component Input in the card.

I presume they will be able to display 720p signals properly. Please confirm.

I can get the entire package for less than $1500 delivered so I am tempted to get it.
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That is correct......
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Thanks Chris.

I do not plan to get the Key Digital Card; Might as well invest in an external processor with better capabilities.

Will get a 3x1 HDMI switcher for the time being.

So the setup will be:
1. PS3 to Switch
2. Cable Box to Switch
3. Up Converting DVD player to Switch

Switch -> (HDMI to DVI cable).

I should be able to pass 1080i, and 720p signals through into the DVI port via the switch, right?

The native 1080p/24Hz panels are too expensive right now so this looks like the way to go.
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you are on your way........all looks good.
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Guys...have pretty much settled on a Pioneer 6070HD, but as I'm still a month or so away from making the purchase I was wondering if it would pay to look into a 607CMX with something like the Key Digital card (or the like as I need HDMI & S-video inputs). What kind of options would I have and would the cost be comparable to the 6070?
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What's the best card to get for this model that is under $200?
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The only card under $200 is the PDA-5004 card by Pioneer.

Shinner, the 607CMX with the key card would be pricy compared to the 6070HD but is definetlly an option.
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Originally Posted by Cleveland Plasma View Post

Shinner, the 607CMX with the key card would be pricy compared to the 6070HD but is definetlly an option.

Thanks Chris...I don't think I could swing any more cash through "appropriations" than what the 6070s are going for.
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Anyone using Harmony remote with KDPC card ??

I am having one problem that I cannot find a solution for,

In every activitiy that requires the TV TO BE TURNED ON and subsequent changing of the input on KDPC2 card, the change of input does not take place.

If the TV is already ON, the change of input works fine (for example HDMI1 to HDMI2)

I have been playing with various delay timings but to no avail. If someone has already figured this out, can you post your settings. Thanks.
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Will the PDK-1016 Table Top stand work with 507CMX?
The PDK1016 is originally meant for PRO1140HD but is supposed to work with 50" (PROFHD1) also.
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The nice thing about the 50" Pioneers is the bolt pattern is the same on all of them and any stand (in most cases) from s pioneer 50" will work.....
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Thanks Chris!
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i'm trying to set up my 507cmx + kd-pc2 and i can't select input 3 (the very first step)!!! i think my 507cmx isn't recognizing the key card for some reason... any suggestions?

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Try reseating the card.......
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Just wanted to say something quickly about Cleveland Plasma's customer service - I posted here a couple hours ago about my problem and already got both a phone call AND a reply the forum from Chris... and even better than timely/responsive customer service is customer service that actually solves your problem... he was right that the card just needed to be reseated...

Thanks again, Chris.
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Hello everyone... having a KD-PC2/507-CMX issue... my second of the day!

By the way, Chris, thanks for the help earlier... the problem I was having with my picture being tinted green was actually addressed earlier in this thread:


After changing the KD's output to HDTV, I had to go to the Pio's menu, go to Set Up, go to Color Decoding, and change it to RGB. Colors are appropriate now (not calibrated yet, but no longer green-shifted)...

Anyway, I'm now having a different problem... my setup:

LG DVD/divx Player --(HDMI)--> Sony STR-DG1000 --(HDMI)--> KD-PC2/507-CMX

can play divx movies fine, but can't play any "real" DVDs... sounds like an HDCP issue, but I was under the impression that the KD-PC2 bypassed all that... any suggestions?
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Try hooking it up via DVI. I have a similar problem with my Oppo 981. Will not handshake properly with the kd2. Running it to dvi works fine. This eliminates the kd2 pathway but the Oppo does a good job of upscaling.
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Originally Posted by Cleveland Plasma View Post

The nice thing about the 50" Pioneers is the bolt pattern is the same on all of them and any stand (in most cases) from s pioneer 50" will work.....

Chris it worked great and two other folks have asked me the same question!

The finish on the Elite stands is Piano Black which is quite shiny compared to the matte finish of the CMX. But they fit like a glove.

Got it for $40 shipped on ebay.
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