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Time to revoke Sherv's access to this thread.
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Originally Posted by ransac View Post

Time to revoke Sherv's access to this thread.


I'm have been awarded an honorary SVS degree from Ron Stimpson and Tom Vodhanel for "lifetime achievement" and "contributions to objective/subjective impressions" in the arena of ported subwoofers!

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I just realized nobody had posted a link to this yet in the owner's thread. The map was started a while back and is a nice tool if you are trying to locate nearby SVS owners:

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Originally Posted by jvgillow View Post

I just realized nobody had posted a link to this yet in the owner's thread. The map was started a while back and is a nice tool if you are trying to locate nearby SVS owners:


and guess who started it?!!
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I just got 2 PB+/2 with the new 12.3 drivers. I had bought a used 16-46PC+ with 12.1 driver but never even set it up(was way too small for the area I need to pressurize)

PM me if anyone wants to talk about it, I'm thinking of asking 725 or so(I also have an extra 12.1 driver I was going to include with it that the previous owner sent to me).
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any svs owners in the Orange County, Calif? who would be willing to let someone listen to there sub? thinking about geting PB12-plus 2. Having a hard time making that leap blind. Would rather hear it play first. PM me if you have an SVS I could listen to.
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Go ahead and get the PB12+2. If you are not happy with it (which is highly unlikely) you can return it. Why not demo in your own home???
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Originally Posted by Ron Stimpson View Post

Dr. Pain,

Actually an announcement about that is coming very soon, thanks for the interest. Our goal will be stable prices, enhanced accessability, and simpler/lower shipping costs. We've been working on procedures for world-market presence for over a year now and frankly Canada was the toughest case to make from a business standpoint (sales have been quite good there over the years right from the US after all). We think the right combination of conditions exist, finally. We've been in intense discussions with a well-established web-direct reseller with a good track record of providing good service to his customers and expect this to bear fruit around the end of the month.

PS there is actually no "duty" now on most SVS products AFAIK, we ship north all the time (heck our amps actually come from there now). There are some pesky "border fees" that amount to a similar thing, and we're well aware of that small, but pervasive, added cost.


Got a email from Ron today about that^:


We'll be announcing that around the first of October or so. Sales will transition around 15 OCT to the Dealer (SVS won't be shipping directly unless there is some exceptional issue). We expect shipping from Canada ( Toronto to be precise) first week to mid-November. Prices should be fairly stable (though most if not all SVS prices are due for a hike soon, we haven't done it in 7 years!). Shipping, returns and repair parts should be all much easier for people however.

More soon.


I've seen this on Crutchfield:



To our Canadian friends

Great news! Crutchfield is coming to Canada.

For over 32 years, millions of people in the United States have relied on Crutchfield for their consumer electronics needs. We have built our business on two foundationsoutstanding service and in-depth information. Crutchfield has won numerous awards for service excellence as well as awards for our website and catalogs.

Our goal is to provide Canadians with this same outstanding level of service and information. As you can imagine, it is virtually impossible to quickly replicate a business in Canada that has taken us almost a third of century to build in the U.S. If we tried, our service quality could be seriously compromised. So, we will start with a limited assortment of product warehoused in a single facility in the Province of Ontario. Hopefully, within a relatively short period of time, we will be able to add our full line of consumer electronics.

Hopefully by late-October, you should be able to order from a respectable assortment of televisions both online and over our toll-free phone lines. Naturally, our Canadian customers will benefit from a full range of Crutchfield's respected customer support services.

Wonder if they are the ones who are going to be the Auth resellers?
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Hello all, I am a pretty recent owner of a svspb12plus/2 and had a question I posted in the sub forum but not answerd yet so I figured I would just ask in this thread to others who own mine or other svs subs. Ok, here's my question, I also have a small 10in. Velodyne sub that I got years ago at circuit city, a CHT-10, and the lowest frequency response with it is 28hz and I was wondering if any of you would use it with the svspb12+2 tuned to 20hz? My room is 19ft by 16ft w/opening to dining/kitchen area which makes it around 4000cubic ft. I also have the Velodyne SMS-1 eq to flatten out my freq. response which leaves me to ask this question...The SMS-1 has a subsonic filter just like the pb12+2 has and I dont know if I should by-pass the filter on the svs or set the sms-1 filter to the lowest it has which is 15hz and a 6db slope? I can adjust the slope on the sms-1 higher such as 24db slope. I could also set the sms-1 to the same subsonic filter as the svs but I'm just not sure what to do...any suggestions?

Thanks for your help!
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Whoo Hooo. Just got my very first sub. SVS 20-39 pc plus.

Even got it as a B stock and saved a few bucks.

I guess good things come to those who wait.
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Last night my wife and I watched "Lucky # Sleven" on our HT. I recently replaced a Velodyne CHT-12 with a new SVS PB12-NSD. During the movie (it has a surprisingly good LFE track), she asked "is that our speakers shaking the house?" And indeed it was.

Suddenly she understood why I "needed" the new subwoofer.

-- Martin
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Looked for the other thread...seems to be missing. Anyway, popped in the 12.3 vs. the 12.2 this morning. As Kipp said, there's appreciable improvement to SQ in the mid and upper bass. It's not night and day, but it's not subtle either. I'll re-calibrate tonight, but I sure like what I've heard so far. I will run some comparative numbers. I don't expect huge differences vs. the 12.2 in output, but it's obvious to me the 12.3 is an improvement.
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That thread is missing along with the SB-12+ and PB12 thread??? Are you pleased with the upgrade?
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How soon on the new Ultra drivers?
I've read next year. I've also read they'll be ~14" drivers.

I'm looking to upgrade my subs in the future, and I was leaning toward PB12+/2 with the 12.3 drivers at minimum. My room is 2400 cu ft. I don't know if I should wait.... I like to hit over 120 db across the lower band in general and over 100 db @ 20Hz . I'm guessing I'll need more.
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Woohoo, I just received tracking information from SVS. My new 25-31PCi(22hz tuned) will be here Tuesday!!! Looks like this will be a long weekend, filled with anticipation. I just cannot wait to join the rest of you as proud SVS owners!

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Kipp, I just put in a couple of pieces of music that I'm totally familiar with. Immediately noticed more detail and I'm probably 1 or 2db louder too. I'll calibrate tonight. Sure I'm pleased. SQ wise it does not seem like a small difference. It's immediately apparent which is what I wanted. I'm pretty much echoing everyone else that's done this, so no surprise. I don't think I've seen one post on 5 forums from anyone claiming it isn't a bump.

Nice to be reassured though
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Does anyone know if they are replacing the PC Ultra with the new woofers? I hope not for my sake because I just got a PCU! Either way, the current PCU is more than sufficient for me.
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Originally Posted by Chaosphere482 View Post

Does anyone know if they are replacing the PC Ultra with the new woofers? I hope not for my sake because I just got a PCU! Either way, the current PCU is more than sufficient for me.

TV said they are ~ 95% done on the new Ultra, but it takes awhile to get from 95 to 99.5%...when they feel it's ready. Word is that it will feature a new nearly 14" driver. What that does to the amp/enclosure, I don't know. Enjoy your new PCU, it's still the best they make.
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My new PB12-NSD just arrived today along with the AVIA/SPL Meter bundle and I set it up on the Auralex Gramma I bought the other day.

Umm....this thing is HUGE! lmao! I did check the measurements when I bought it, but guess I just blew it off in my mind.

I had to set this behind the couch underneath a table. My couch is out in the open about 5 feet from the wall behind it. I don't really have any options in the house we are currently living in with the furniture that we have as far as location.

I just set my speaker levels with Avia. I haven't messed with the phase setting really as I was doing this all by myself so I left it set at auto.

I just watched some scenes from The Fellowship of the Ring - The Ring Drop scene and the Moria sequence. Wow! When the Watcher in the Water pulls the entrance apart you can really feel the impacts.

My dog however is not completely thrilled and I find that there are a lot of "rattly" things including the glass in the old window panes of the house I live in.
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Here are the corrected numbers for the 12.3 driver, corner loaded, calibrated to 79db @ -10, probably about +7 hot. I tried to load the spreadsheet, but I'm having some issues zipping the sucker.

125hz - 78.2db
111hz - 95.25db
100hz - 89.3db
90hz - 96.4db
80hz - 96.5db
75hz - 97.6db
70hz - 97.7db
65hz - 97.8db
60hz - 97.9db
55hz - 101db
50hz - 93.3db
45hz - 97.7db
40hz - 104db
35hz - 110.5db
30hz - 109.4db
27.5hz - 108.7db
25hz - 107.4db
22hz - 106.4db
20hz - 106.2db

18hz - 96db
16hz - 92db

IIRC the numbers I ran for the 12.2 were not nearly as flat with a 14db suckout from 45 - 60hz, so I'm pretty happy. I'll turn the gain down tonight and re-calibrate to 75. Lot's of room gain huh?

Room's 18x14x7.5 with a 5' opening into another 5000cube. 20-39+ is corner loaded on the other side of the opening.
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this thread looks like it's surviving well (YAY!)

I've been a proud SVS owner for ... at least a year now. Got the PB12-Ultra (single driver) and have been very unhappy with the way the sub puts cracks in my drywall and tiles. :P
I recently found another hairline fracture at the top of my staircase. *grumble*

I'm still surprised my neighbors haven't come knocking on the door complaining. Then again, they probably can't localize it. (thank goodness)

In summary. A very satisfied owner of a very well built sub that fit very well in my budget. So happy I plagarized a certain well known author for my sig.
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Has anyone received or listened to the new SB-12+?
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I am the happy owner of a Pair of CS-Ultras and a K1 amp with a BFD. I am probably not supposed to do this here, but I have to go to a smaller(as in not as tall) sub and therefore I am selling the whole rig. If anyone is interested let me know via PM. I LOVE the sound of these babies, but moving to smaller digs and wife says they have to go and get smaller!! Thanks
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any of you folks interested in my SVS sign? PM me if you are...

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Originally Posted by ssabripo View Post

any of you folks interested in my SVS sign? PM me if you are...

How much for the bunny?

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Originally Posted by jbone View Post

How much for the bunny?


I think that's a panda
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Originally Posted by jbone View Post

How much for the bunny?


LOL...dont mess with my Panda son!! do you wanna get shot?!
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Have been a PB10 -ISD owner for almost a year and tell you what, I'm pretty much enjoying the amazing bass this baby throws out, with ease & authority.

Cheers / Avliner.
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Hi everyone, I have officially become an SVS owner. I got my 25-31PCi back on Tuesday.

My first impression was.... wow this thing is huge. I mean, I bought the smallest cylinder they have and wow. I even checked the dimensions on their site repeatedly before it got here, and I was still shocked! My wife actually commented at the look on my face as I unboxed the monster.

My second impression after everything is hooked up was, WOW! The sub is still huge, but the sound is unreal. I never expected my house to shake with a <$600 sub. The SVS is awesome. My first impression was before I actually used avia/spl meter to set it up properly. After the set-up I am just simply blown away.

A good word for SVS:

I was really concerned about price and everyone kept telling me that the PCPlus was the better way to go, but Tom@SVS suggested the PCi. What an experience to have an owner of a company tell you the "cheaper sub" is the way to go! So far he was right.

Thanks for all of the SVS talk on this forum. I can honestly say I didn't have a clue about subwoofers before I used this forum. I was absolutely led in the right direction by everyone.

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How does it compare with the Aperion? Depth, SQ, SPL?
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