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HotLink Pro (IR Repeater) with ReplayTV?

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I'm thinking of moving my ReplayTV into the basement, out of sight, and using something like this to control it with the remote. Any try it or anything similar?
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For my HT in my main room, I use the Xantech IR Repeater system. It looks like the same thing. All of the equipment (except for the TV & Speakers) are in a stairwell leading to the basement. While it worked passable with my DirecTV H10, it's a complete POS with my DirecTV H20. Almost unusable. I'm guessing this is due to the fact that you have to use 2 IR blasters on the STB.

I'm thinking about using the Patersontech device on that HT so that I can get better performance from only having 1 IR blaster on the H20.

Option #2, which I'm considering, is switching to RF.
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I don't have experience with that, but I just a Remote Extender Kit from Next Generation Home Products:


It is a really nifty device. It has a customized rechargeable battery that you use in your remote control. When buttons are pushed on the remote, the battery senses the signals and transmits them via RF to the base station which you place near the device you want to control.

In simple terms, by replacing one of your replay tv remote batteries you convert the remote to an RF remote. I use it to control the replay tv in my living room while in my bedroom.

It works amazingly well. But because it is RF, the range may be a factor.

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wow, that is SO cool. thanks for the link. How is the range for you? How often do you find yourself recharging the special battery?
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The range is acceptable to me, but I have not done extensive testing. I would say I am usually using it about 30 feet away through several walls.

As for the battery, it actually comes with two. The base station also serves as a recharger. So you charge up one battery while using the other. When it wears out, you just swap, so there is no down time. I have had it for several weeks now and I have not had to swap batteries yet.

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Nice, thanks. GO IC BOMBERS.
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Do you know how to extend the range of the Next Generation device beyond its normal range, maybe with two of the units?
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