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Video projectors and ebay  

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I am interested in buying my first video projector. I have gone on ebay and noticed the hundereds of projectors for sale. Can some of you suggest a decent starter projector in the $1,000 price range. I have noticed many InFocus projectors. Are there any Name Brands I should stay away from? I have also notice some Barco 808 projectors. As a projector newbie should I go CRT, DLA or what? Thanks for the input.
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Jason, this was just recently discussed over in the CRT Projector forum.
I've seen I believe the seller Quaturbo from Wisconsin sell a lot of Sony 1271Q's. I think the forum thread discussed this seller. Tonight that seller had a 2000hr+ 1271Q going for $1500 earlier. The 1271Q is a pretty good entry level projector. Ok I'm partial because I own 2 of them. If your lucky to get a good used one they are pretty easy to set up and if no one has messed around with the screen volumes on the CRT's and they are within specs the color/grey scale should be very good. Get a DVDO iScan and go with a reasonable size screen 84 inch wide or less and you will have a pretty good set up at a reasonably low price.

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1K doesn't buy much of a projector, even on e bay.
I've been stalking e bay for awhile now looking for a Sharp LCD.
2K is my (wife approved) budget for a "better" projector.
2K doesn't buy much of a projector either.

I wonder at all the InFocus units listed myself? Must be a good reason there are 9 million of them listed for sale, eh?

I noticed one odd ball projector that sold for peanuts had the problem of finding a replacement lamp. Not the cost but just finding one.

I vote for sharp, happy bidding, try this post in the lcd/dlp forum to, jdb

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Occassionaly a great deal pops up. I got an NEC 1040 for a great price and sometimes an LT100 shows up.

Most of the InFocus projectors come from the same place and have high reserves. A few are worth looking at if the reserve is reasonable. The LP770 is the same as the Mits x300 and I liked the LP335 at Infocomm.

A few months ago, a DILA G15 was auctioned.

Ken Elliott
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Jason, Alan at AV Science a few weeks ago had some Sony projectors for sale. Without a doubt I would trust Alan vs. someone you don't know about or even try to get one from another reputable dealer like Hi-Rez. You could even get the DVDO iScan from Alan and a screen at reasonable prices. Don't be afraid to pick up the phone and call or email them.

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Guys, Thanks for the great info. Tim I will give them a call. Who would think that one thousand dollars would only buy a used bottom line product. I know there are bargains out there but have we picked a great hobby or what. Maybe I should have taken up stamp collecting. I know, I could take a second mortgage on my house. If that does not work maybe try pawning my dog. I want my next house to be 3,050 square feet. 3,000 square foot theater and a 50 square foot bathroom. Oh no I think I hear my wife comming, Got to go guys.
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I get this ideal to convert the gameroom into a Theatre. I go out looking for BIGA$$ tv's. Nah, "too small", I tell the salesman. His eyeballs widen and says, "but projectors are $80,000.00!". I say, "So?" and walk away.

I have had "Projector fever" ever since.

What kind of Dog you got? I got a Border collie mix and two stamps from Peking. jdb

Have revised my next home purchase from a pup tent to buying an old style theatre. Remove back portion of seating. Drive motorhome inside and park.

"Wanted: Old Theatre w/ RV hook-ups"
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I love e-bay. I love broken stuff. I can fix most of it. Fun stuff fer almost nuthin'!.....

I bought 5 'broken' Electrohome CRT units from a E-home dealer! as junk for $500 cdn.! They were afraid I was going to discover that they were selling me stuff considered junk... (I could see it in their mannerisims) I was afraid they were going to see that I knew I could get the stuff to work, easily! I ended up getting 3 working projectoprs out of all of the stuff they gave me,along with 25 or so working replacement boards, which gives me enough boards to fix 5 or so other ECP e-home projectors.

I love e-bay....

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KBK, I got several cars here with a bunch of motors around back that need your attention. PLEASE. jdb
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How come you gots so many VW's? Is this the fabled RV/theatre?

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KBK: e bay, where else.

RON: It was really more of a shed then a house. Matter of priorities, right?

NOTE: Have been rethinking my revison of the last revision and the new thought is buying a drive inn and parking the RV (summer home) next to the snack shack which would be converted into the "winter" home, and with KBK's help, all my VW's would be parked in front of the screen for guest seating.

Smoking bug or non? jdb
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VW's are non-smoking.

Corvairs are smoking (as usual).

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Originally posted by jdb:
Have revised my next home purchase from a pup tent to buying an old style theatre. Remove back portion of seating. Drive motorhome inside and park.

"Wanted: Old Theatre w/ RV hook-ups"
jdb, you crack me up...
I still like the story about the guy who bought the drive-in and put his house on the lot - or converted the snack bar to his house, I can't remember which.


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