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What was your first movie owned ONLY on HD-DVD?

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For me, I wanted it to be V for Vendetta, but I was unable to wait. At the time it was released on DVD, there wasn't a confirmed release date for HD-DVD.

Well, now comes MI-3 which was released HD-DVD at the same time as DVD, so this is the first movie for me where the first time I am seeing it (and owning it) is on HD-DVD.

Just wanted to know if others have been able to show better self-control.

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1st HD dvd I bought was Swordfish!
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The first movie I got on HD DVD that I never owned on any previous format was The Last Samurai. I imagine this is the same for many of the early adopters.
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First one I bought that I didn't have on SD was Serenity. This comes from having bought WAY to many SD discs over teh years.
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Serenity on launch day
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I bought a few HD-DVD that I haven't owned on SD.
The last samurai, Perfect Strom, Serenity, apollo 13 were all movies I have in HD that I never picked up in SD.
Toyko Drift F&F 3, and MI 3 will be the 1st movies I will be buying for HD-DVD that I haven't seen in the theater or on SD-DVD.
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The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift is the only one so far. If freaking BestPrices ever gets around to shipping the pre-ordered box set, my second HD-DVD-only title will be Mission: Impossible III.
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a week before my HD-XA1 arrived in early May. I already had TLS and POTO on SD DVD. Did also double dip and get a HD DVD POTO though.
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Batman Begins.

Missed it in theaters, then saw it on HBO-HD, then bought the HDDVD as my #4.
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Serenity, though I bought Riddick first, but I had that on DVD.
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Phantom of the Opera and Serenity.
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My first which I never owned in SD was Cinderella Man, I purchased it at Best Buy the day it came out.
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Word!! Though to be honest I actually purchased BOTH Swordfish and Blazing Saddles as my first 2 HD DVDs. However, most HD DVDs I've been purchasing I don't own on DVD. So far, the only HD DVDs I purchased that I did own on DVD were: Willy Wonka and Sleepy Hollow.

Originally Posted by ratbones View Post

1st HD dvd I bought was Swordfish!
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I have the 360 HD DVD player on preorder so i guess my first is King Kong, But so far i have bought Happy Gilmore and plan to buy MI3 and whatever else i find cheap on ebay.

btw is there any places online to buy them cheap? besides ebay.

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For me:

Aeon Flux, then Serenity, Space Cowboys, T3, Batman begins.

I stopped buying DVDs over a year ago, so the only movie I own twice is U571.

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Jarhead was the first movie owned ONLY on HD DVD.

I picked it up along with Training when I picked up my Toshiba HD-A1
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I bought 10 titles outright but I viewed 16 blocks first!
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The Thing

Had seen them all but never had the DVD
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ive never owned a dvd but first title ive bought on hd-dvd was atl i can probably renember wich movies i bought and where i bought them and in what order and what i paid for each
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The first three HD DVDs I bought are the also first three I don't have on DVD:

Corpse Bride <--- It was very hard to hold off buying the DVD.
Pitch Black

#4 will be King Kong (with the HD DVD drive), and #5 will be The Thing.

I'm not keen on purchasing most of my DVDs on HD DVD again. OTOH, I wish combo discs were cheaper, because I'd preferentially buy those (if all the usual extras were still there). I like the fact I can rip DVDs to my iPod. So far we can't do this with HD DVD.
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All of these I have seen in theaters, but just never picked up the SD DVD's.

Corpse Bride
Mission Impossible III
The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift
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When I bought my player I also picked up:

Chronicles of Riddick

I previously didn't own either of these. Since than my HD-DVD collection has expanded (not alot, I only have 16 or so movies)and I don't have any movies that I previously owned on DVD.
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I believe the first was Van Helsing, followed by The Fast and The Furious, Sahara, The Break-Up and M:I:III.
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I bought the first four releases and had never seen any of them:
The Last Samurai
Phantom of the Opera
Million Dollar Baby

Actually, at least half of my discs have been "blind buys", and I have had some pleasant surprises.
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My first was Unforgiven. The next ones were The Searchers, Corpse Bride, and then Good Night and Good Luck.
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Originally Posted by dvdguru View Post

Serenity on launch day

Same here.
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The Last Samurai
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Training Day, it was one of those movies I wanted to get but never occured to me when I was shopping for DVDs. BB, CatCF, DoH, Slither, 12 Monkeys, all the MI's, EtD Sahara, Ray, and a few more hat don't come to mind are all first time buys for me.
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Cheap post count. Serenity and The Searchers. Others I have the SD DVD also.
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Serenity,Riddick & Swordfish
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