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Post Outage Speed Excellent  

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I have no Idea what you did during the planned outage of 9/14/2000, but I am grateful for the improved performance with page loads.
Don O
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Thank you Don. We actually moved providers. We went from T1 (1.5 Mega-bites) to a T3 (45 Mega-Bits). We are now co-locating in cooperation with Netsville. http://www.netsville.com . They are a great group of people and I feel we can grow with them for some time to come!

I have had nothing but great feed back from making this move!

David Bott
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Rick seconds that. with DSL and AV Science the only thing that runs faster is my upgrades to my HT system !!
Great Work David !!!!!!
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I think the page load issue is much easier to appreciate with a broadband connection (I have cable). Whener the number of users was over 140 there was noticeable performance hit. T3 is absolutely awesome.
Don O
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