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It has been many years since I paid any real attention to car audio technology. I was quite satisfied with the factory Monsoon system in my '99 Camaro SS when I bought it new. I previously had no intention of replacing it, short of a system failure or major technology shift.

Recently, one of the door speakers blew, which is apparently par for the course with this setup. I located replacements, but I've been holding off due to prior money issues and other priorities. However, I should be free to re-examine this problem soon, and HD radio may finally be the killer app that gets me looking at a total system rebuild.

Anyone have exerience with putting modern gear in a Monsoon-based F-body dash? The Monsoon unit is quite large; a conventional slim head will only occupy part of the dash opening. Can modern LCD panel units be made to fit the in this dash?

Any suggestions would be welcome. I don't have a budget yet, but I'm unlikely to spend much more than $3k (but its not impossible). ;)