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Problem using two DTA-150's

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Hey all! I recently upgraded my HTPC so that I could do HD OTA recording. I was thinking about buying the PCI Express 164 but the high price shyed me away from it and in to the arms of two DTA-150's. The picture quality looks amazing but I can not get both of them to work at the same time.

If two are installed it always faults to the lowest PCI card (in my system they're installed in PCI slots 2 and 3. I've tried switching them around but whichever one is installed in the lowest PCI slot is the one it uses.

I've searched and found some people that had problems with newer drivers. Here is what I have done:

I installed the cards in to my Vista RC2 box. It detected them and automatically downloaded the drivers. These were .7. MCE Setup detects both cards but will not use both or the second one installed. I've tried, on the Vista box, .7, .12 and .0. I've heard that .7 and .12 have problems reporting signal strength but this is not my problem. It picks up signal on the one card but does not on the other and if the cable is plugged in to the lower card MCE says no signal found. I also pulled my PVR-500 since Vista will let you run without a analog hardware decoder card and came across the same problem.

Also, I installed a fresh copy of MCE 2k5 thinking maybe it was a Vista problem. On a fresh install it's the exact same problem. In this case I started with the .0 drivers and upgraded after it did not work to .12. Same problem.

Each card works in all the different PCI slots as long as the other card is not plugged in. In a dual tuner setup, I can turn off the computer and switch the cards around and still have the same problem, except now the card that was in the lower slot and now in the upper slot works and the one that was in the upper slot moved down to the lower does not.

This is a very frustrating problem so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Well, I kind of fixed my problem...

I was sitting on the couch about to go to bed and I had an epiphany. I rolled back the driver on one of the cards to 2.1.705.0. Viola! All of the sudden I can now record 2 HD streams.

Now the weirdness... If I have both tuners plugged in I can record 2 HD streams on two different OTA channels at the same time. If I disconnect the top tuner (running 2.1.705.12) the bottom one (running 2.1.705.0) drops signal as well and won't bring a station in. Plug the top one back in and dual tuners work perfectly.
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I've been using two of them under XP Pro with SageTV running as a service with the latest beta drivers from the VBox website, and it seems to be working fine. I've also heard others report on the SageTV forums that they had to rever back to the older drivers to get both tuners working but so far the newest beta seems to be working for me.
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Yes but if I revert back to the old drivers on both cards they stop working. I have to use two different driver versions for the two diferent cards. Even then, if I disconnect the cable going to the topmost card, the bottom one ceases to function but I am able to record two HD channels seperately.

EDIT: Also, the behavior is repeated while using the VBox signal strength meter, so while I don't have Sage or BeyondTV, I'm certain it's not a MCE problem and a driver/windows OS level problem.
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Has anyone else solved this problem? I've tried downgrading my drivers to .0 with no luck. I then tried to upgrade them to .12 and still had no luck. I then tried leaving the card (top) closest to the cpu at .12 and the one furthest away (bottom) at .0. Still, I cannot get a signal from the bottom card.

By disabling one card at a time in the device manager, I can see that both cards are getting signal using VBSignalMeter.exe.

Is the VBOX tech support guy still around this forum? Help please!
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what antenna's are you guys using? i have one 150 and it wont pick up any stations but my tv gets all 6.
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I have a rooftop antenna in my attic so I pretty much pull in all the local stations.
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