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Linux PowerDVD  

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CyberLink Announces the World's First Pure Software DVD Player for Linux! CyberLink today announced that it is releasing the world's first pure software DVD player, for Linux based information appliances. This new product offers a software DVD playback solution without the need for special hardware acceleration, and with very low CPU requirements (only Celeron 333 and up needed).This is great news for the Linux community, and Linux based Information Appliance manufacturers who have long sought after a pure software DVD playback solution. To learn more, please contact CyberLink at: powerdvdlinux@gocyberlink.com

Best Regards, Cliff
Digital Connection, LLC
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I wouldn't say it's the first there are many open source players out there already, they just don't work very well. Also there is lindvd wich has so far turned out to be vapor ware offcourse, but then who says this player won't be. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif
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Personally I am happy to applaud Cyberlink's stance on the OS issue and I hope it becomes reality v's vapourware as Linux has more going for it for the future....

...I have followed linux since my first slackware3.2 install and always keep a 'partition spare for it' but lack of apps and my own idiocy has kept it from being my primary OS... In the last 8 months Linux install and config tools have made it much more idoit proof and it is purely 'momentum' and 'user base' issues that are keeping it from mainstream....

I applaud SW providers that are forward thinking enough to have Linix ports (under whatever licence they release) as its stabilty and speed shows that simply, if the best in the world look at the code (as someones sig says !!!) "There's always a better way to do it"

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PowerDVD for Linux!

Great news. Perhaps there will be a TiVO-style Linux DVD player soon with progressive scan capability.

Mark Rejhon

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