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Denon 3805 & NAD power amp for fronts

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A Denon 3805 powers my 5.1 system. I have obtained a used NAD 216THX
2-channel power amp and am considering using it for the front mains.

What are some opinions on this? Will I notice appreciable difference using the separate NAD power amp (125w) vs. the Denon 3805 main amp?

Denon 3805 receiver
Denon 2910 dvd
Mains - Sony SS-TL6 (4-way transmission line towers) Early 90's
Center - Polk CSI5
Rear - Bic Venturi's
Sub - SVS 20-39 PC-Plus

Speaker Spec's from Sony

Enclosure type
Transmission Line

Rated impedance
8 ohms

Woofer: 20 cm (8 inches), cone type
Low-Mid range: 16 cm (6 1/2 inches), cone type
High-mid range: 12 cm (5 inches), cone type
Tweeter: 2.5 cm (1 inch), dome type

Maximum recommended amplifier power
150 watts (Non clip)

Characteristic sensitivity level
89 dB (1 W, 1 m)

Efficiency frequency range
30 Hz-27,000 Hz

Cross over frequency
150 Hz, 900 Hz, 3,000Hz
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Interesting... Sorry, I'm a new user and just started searching posts or would have replied sooner.

I have a 3805 and 2910 as well... and a NAD C272 2 channel amp for the front speakers. BIG difference. The Denon is 'bright' and almost clinical. The NAD amp made a huge difference to the warmth and (especially) bass definition and output. I'm not even sure why I tried it now (I think I got a whopping great deal on the NAD so...) but am very glad I did. It's a great combo - the Denon is fine for the other channels and as a pre for the NAD. But if the 216 has any of the sonic characteristics of the C272 you sure won't regret it.
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Interesting, i have the 3805 and was considering getting a 2 channel amp for my fronts also. My mains are the jbl studio series s312's @ 250 watts 8 ohms. Just out of curiousity would i be able to notice much of a difference using a seperate amp to power my mains? Im an amateur at this stuff so i dont want to make a costly mistake. To me my 5.1 system seems slightly underpowered but the quality is awesome from my experience.
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I have NHT Classic 4 fronts and I can definitely say that I noticed a large difference. From my reading it will depend on the amp you get - they all have different characteristics and some are bright, some are soft & warm, some are 'musical' (whatever that means but I think I get it...), some are harsh - but very powerful, etc.

I had read a few reviews of the NAD C272 before I bought and they said that it had good bass and was warm and musical. And it is. I'm not a dealer and that is the only chunk of NAD I have but I was really, really surprised how different (better) it sounded than the Denon. Having said that, when I listen to SACDs, the Denon seems to be perfectly fine for the other channels. But for CDs alone with the fronts by themselves - big difference.
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yeah, you'll see some improvement using the NAD 216THX with your Denon AVR-3805. The NAD is more efficient basically, and will drive your front channels much easier, and probably cleaner with a little more bass response. It will also free up your receiver load significantly, making it easier driving other channels.

I'm using an NAD C272 with a Yamaha RX-V1600. The NAD really drives my Energy RC-30 front towers so beautiful and easy. Clean sounding, with noticeable more bass.

So now I just purchased two additional C272's, for a total of 150W X 6, to act as a multi-channel amplifier.
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