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RF Keyboard?  

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I know IR keyboards exist but how about RF keyboards? If they do exist and anyone knows of one that recommend that includes a mouse (preferably black), I'd love to hear about it.
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I honestly don't know of any IR keyboards and mice. That seems ludicrous (sp?)...

I use Logitech's Cordless Desktop, which is RF.
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I should have been more specific... I want an RF keyboard that can operate up to 40' away, if this is feasible. I hear of RF remotes for other devices that can go further than 40' so I would think such a thing would exist for a keyboard but who knows. What I'm doing is I have my HTPC in another room (long story, don't ask why...) but would like to control it from my living room where my a/v receiver and projector is.

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I've had good luck with the logitech cordless keyboard/mouse combo as well.

We put a 12 foot PS2 extension which gave us about a 20' range. I've seen 50' PS2 extension cables at the Belkin site (Pro series I think). It's worth a try.

I found the logitech to be a much better overall solution than the airboard.

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so you're suggesting getting the RF receiver closer to where the keyboard via the USB extension cable, hmmm...
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You might want to take a look at the PowerMid. It's a system comprising two units, one that receives IR and transmits it as RF, and another that receives the RF and transmits it out as IR again. It's a IR repeater system that uses RF, so you can relay IR from any normal remote (including most IR keyboards) to another room.

I haven't found an RF keyboard besides the Logitech, and a range of six feet isn't very useful for home theater applications. I'd have to put the RF receiver under the middle of the sofa to be sure it'd work for anyone sitting on it.
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The range of the logitech is better than 6 ft. Remember it's a radius of 6 ft from the transmitter so in effect it covers a 12ft diameter circle. In my experience it tends to be more like 8-10 ft radius or 16-20 ft circle.

We positioned the reciever up high in a closet, rather than on the floor and that seemed to improve reception even more.

We did a side-by-side of the airboard and the logitech and the logitech was the clear winner for usability.

I too was skeptical of the logitech until I tried it, now I'm a believer.

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I bought the Logitech cordless keyboard and mouse a few weeks ago and love it. So far problem free.

I'm home alone at the moment so testing its range isn't easy, but I just went down the hall and into the den and the scrolling wheel on the mouse worked from that distance.

I stepped it off at 17 paces. It's probably more like 13 or so if I could walk through walls..... Forgot to add: I don't know if that's the limit, just that it worked at least that far with the relatively new batteries.

The Logitech isn't black, but I recommend it. If only I could make the keyboard's CD control buttons control WinDVD. Anyone know how?


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