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Six Degrees Cancelled?

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I Tivoed Six Degrees last night, went to watch it later and it was an episode of Desperate Housewives instead! Has Six Degrees been cancelled?
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Not officially. The word from ABC is that it will be back in January.

But I wouldn't hold my breath. The numbers have been bad -- and trending downward.

A repeat of DH last night got markedly higher numbers than last week's Six Degrees.
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This is why I don't like to get involved with continuing TV shows. They pull the plug way before the show has a real chance to catch on. Despite my better judgement, I was drawn to the show by both its premise and the characters.
Now we're all left hanging....wondering where the story line could have gone. It's like having a good book yanked away after only having read the first few chapters. Shame on them! They've done themselves more harm than good.
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It's not clear that "they've done themeselves more harm than good". While we would like to think that that is the case, generally it isn't. In many cases, they have to choose between two or three bad options, because we, the viewing audience, won't give them any good choices.

Regardless: Those of us who enjoy serial programming have had very few choices until recent years, so what's better? Having six shows and three surviving or having no shows at all?
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is it me or is there a new episode on tonight?
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ABC is playing off the remaining episodes.

The network announced a number of pickups for next year earlier this week.

"Six Degrees" was not on the list.
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Originally Posted by dontdothat88 View Post

is it me or is there a new episode on tonight?

They are most probably airing the already shot episodes in the sparse period with heavy competition with NCAA March Madness, and American Idol ramping up to final stages.

Bridget Moynahan was on the Regis and Kelley show yesterday, and she was clearly pregnant with a couple of months old bump. She said her pregnancy wouldn't be a problem for the show as they had wrapped up shooting in January, but did not elaborate further.

It could be that ABC will air the already filmed episodes, and wrap up the series, out of courtesy for JJ Abrams. That would be good enough for me.. better than a mid-season slaughter.

EDIT: Quickdra Fredfa beat me to it.
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Word on the street is that they did make a lot of changes to the pacing of the show, for the last set of episodes ... for good or ill.
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Originally Posted by bicker1 View Post

Word on the street is that they did make a lot of changes to the pacing of the show, for the last set of episodes ... for good or ill.

That's logical.. if they originally planned the story arc for a longer period, but now have to wrap up up everything in a few episodes. This is sort of what happened to Alias. It totally messed up the story at the end.
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flipped on my tivo last night, and noticed a new episode was recording. I thought it was done too....decent episode. Hopefully they won't have to air the final episodes online like daybreak because with the amount of music that is tied into the show, it would take 5X as long for the legal mumbo jumbo to get worked out.
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(From Marc Berman's Saturday, March 24, 2007, Programming Insider blog at Mediaweek.com )
Overnight Ratings for Friday March 23rd

The return of ABC drama Six Degrees was barely on the map, meanwhile, with a last-place 4.59 million viewers and a 1.6/ 5 among adults 18-49 at 9 p.m. Comparably, that trailed a repeat of lead-in Grey's Anatomy (Viewers: #4, 5.25 million; A18-49: #4, 1.8/ 6 at 8 p.m.) by 660,000 viewers and 11 percent in the demo. Take a look at its results opposite Fox's The Wedding Bells.

Friday 9 p.m.
The Wedding Bells (Fox)
Viewers: 5.32 million (#3)
A18-49: 1.8/ 5 (#3t)

Six Degrees (ABC)
Viewers: 4.59 million (#5)
A18-49: 1.6/ 5 (#5)
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The picture quality last night was impressive. I can't remember back in the fall if this show looked that good, but last night, the PQ was awesome. Anyone else notice? Too bad this show is a gonner ..
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Big chill sinks returning 'Six Degrees'
And death appears nigh for the ABC drama
By Diego Vasquez MediaLifeMagazine.com staff writer Mar 26, 2007

Six Degrees bombed earlier this season on Thursdays, and Friday night it returned with a clunk after a four-month hiatus to air its remaining episodes. Though networks are often reluctant to label a show canceled, there's no doubt this once-promising show will not be back for a second year.

Degrees averaged a 1.6 adults 18-49 rating, according to Nielsen overnights. By comparison, a rerun of Wife Swap in the same Friday 9 p.m. timeslot last week averaged a 2.1, 31 percent better than Degrees performed.

It placed sixth in its timeslot, behind the CW and even Univision.

ABC once had high hopes for Degrees. The drama about New Yorkers with intersecting lives premiered in the highly coveted post-Grey's Anatomy Thursday 10 p.m. slot last fall, but it quickly became apparent that the shows weren't compatible.

By late October, Degrees was still dropping more than half of Grey's lead-in. It had a 4.0 season average when it was yanked during November sweeps.

ABC had not declared the show dead, even though production on it ended months ago, and had promised to air the remaining episodes on low-risk Fridays, where it mostly airs reruns. The fact that a new Degrees couldn't even build on a Grey's rerun at 8 p.m., which averaged a 1.8, seems to confirm that the show is all but officially dead.

There are still several weeks' worth of unaired episodes yet to air.

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The anemic promo campaign for the return of the show should have foretold people the ratings that would show up. You can compare the number of ads you saw for Wedding Bells and how many for Six Degrees. Not surprising at all. If I hadn't chanced upon Bridgette Moynahan on Regis and Kelly last week, I wouldn't have know that Six Degrees was returning. And I happen to be one of those blokes that liked the show and looked forward for it.
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from the preview, they are going to start piling on the sex in the coming weeks, probably to try and help with ratings. I won't complain, the show isn't bad and definitely has some nice eye candy.
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guess they figured stick it on tv would be better than the Day Break fiasco on the net.
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I acutally liked this show, its offically cancelled because noone watched it on the friday night time slot. Last weeks episode was great, they are immidiately going to replace the show with trading spaces.
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Originally Posted by MSpeed6 View Post

I acutally liked this show, its offically cancelled because noone watched it on the friday night time slot. Last weeks episode was great, they are immidiately going to replace the show with trading spaces.

Count me as one who did not watch it on Fridays. I watched it when it was first on and liked it...but after seeing networks yank many of my favorite shows over the last few years (Arrested Development, FireFly, Surface, John Doe just to name a few) for crap like "Are you Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" , I refuse to watch shows that the network has pretty much already canceled yet they give us a "special" showing of the remaining episodes.

The network yanks are chain with these shows and then we are supposed to come running back because they have shows to burn and time to fill. Forget about it!
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