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Projectors and Daylight  

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I am a newb to this whole business of projectors so please forgive my questions if they seem moronic. My question is: What is the brightest amount of daylight in which an image from a projector can be clearly seen? Is technology with current projectors to the point where we can view images in broad daylight? If so, can you provide me with an example of a projector that has that capability?

Thank you
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I assume you mean for outdoor use? In my opinion, there is no video projector/screen combo available at an affordable price for consumers or A/V enthusiasts which could make an acceptably large viewable image in "broad daylight" outdoors. The technology sort of exists, but it is very expensive to own and maintain. Indoors is a much better environment for home theater front or rear projection. A few of us however are just nutty enough to want to translate the HT video and sound experience outdoors, so we wait for darkness.

Concerts held outdoors sometimes have one or more large rear projection screens. The images can be somewhat usable in shaded daylight, but not full sun. They still look much better (more saturated and brighter) at dusk or later. To get that size and brightness, there are often multiple professional grade 10 to 100 thousand lumen "light cannons" ($$$$$) converged on the screen!

Those of us with outdoor home theaters will often start some filler material like cartoons or short subjects just after sunset. The image can be "clearly seen" but it is washed out. By civil twilight (30-40 minutes later in mid lattitudes) the images are very good but not up to "videophile" quailty. By full darkness, they can be superb, so long as ambient incidental light is very low.

There may well be some very exotic method with, say, very high gain screens, polarizers, etc that could work in high ambient outdoor light, but the viewing angle would be very narrow. You might enjoy browsing or searching through the AVS DIY Screen Forum-


or the two main digital projecton forums-

Over $300: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/forumdisplay.php?f=24
Under $3000: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/forumdisplay.php?f=68

to see what fellow AVSers may have tried in the name of science, the hobby, or just plain fun.

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Satori, thanks a lot for the response, that helps a lot and like I said, i'm trying to learn a little here with no experience with projectors.
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Satori84 is right on with his post!
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