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Let our Miis mingle! Let's trade Wii Numbers!

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*update 2008.03.02*
If I can make a recommendation. As a newcomer to this thread, start adding people from the end of the thread working your way back in time. It will make your friends people that have at least visited recently!

It's also nice to still see this thread used a year and a half later.

*updated 2006.11.23*

I remember we had an Xbox Gamertag thread that worked really well at one point. I think it's time for a Wii one. So far, the only thing that trading Wii Numbers lets you do is allow your Miis to mingle with friend's Miis, and send messages back and forth through the Message Board. But damn, I want to see my Mii Plaza full, and I want different characters in my Wii sports teams and crowds!

For those not familiar, you find your personal Wii Number in your Address Book. You can get there by hitting Wii Message Board on the Wii Channels page, then click Create Message. You'll see your Address Book on the righthand side. Your Wii Number should be a 16 digit number formated as XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX. Bring that back here and post it! This alone will allow messages to be sent once WiiConnect24 is on, you add someone's Number, and you add theirs.

Second step, turn on WiiConnect24! In order for this to work, your Wii needs to be on the internet. Setting up your wireless connection is far outside of the scope of this post, but if you were able to do the two updates that were available the day you bought your Wii, then you are good to go. From your Wii Channels page, hit Wii Options button in the bottom-left corner and go to Wii Settings. Scroll to the second page and hit WiiConnect24. The two important things that need to be done for Mii mingling and the Wii Numbers to mean anything are that WiiConnect24 and Standby Connection both need to be turned on. Slot Illumination is also related, but is a preferrence thing. The slot will glow when your Wii has something to tell you (even when in standby) like you have a new message from one of your Wii Friends.

Last step, turn on mingling! From the Wii Channels page go into your Mii channel and hit the Mii Parade button. You'll probably be told that nobody is arround. Then hit the Travel Settings button and allow traveling. One last thing. On the first page of your Mii editor for each Mii you have is a Mingle button. Turn it on the allow that Mii to mingle.

Gai came up with an excellent idea. When posting your Wii Number, also post your preferred name for other people's address books and the name of the Mii that represents you. The address book name needs to be 10 characters or less, and preferrably be related to your AVS username.

Also, according to HoodedSoldier, there is a way to force your Mii to go to other people's systems. More info to follow...

Now, add me and post your number! (Note: If you are joining us after post #114 in this thread, please don't add me. My Address Book is now as full as I would like it for now.)

EDIT: My Wii number is no longer included.

I'll see your Mii online.

Update 2007.01.05: DaverJ requested the following be added.

Ones that are now just getting the system, myself included, are just posting their Wii's number. As you know, mingling only works if two people add each others system numbers to the address book.

My recommendation is to edit your original post to say that anyone who wants mingling Mii's to:

-subscribe to this thread with email notification
-add addresses from this thread to their Wii's address book
-post which addresses (with AVS names!) they added, and post their own Wii's address. If their AVS name and personal Mii's name are different, they should probably post that info too.

That way if we get an email notification that a new person has submitted their Wii address, we can look to see if they added us to their address book and are waiting for us to do the same.

You might also want to post that if someone's address book is filling up (like your own), that person should probably edit their post to remove their system from being added to others.

What do you think... does that make sense?

Edited by darklordjames - 12/10/12 at 2:00am
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2216 6139 7881 1960
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so friends will be in the Mii Channel? and if you do parade, you will them also?
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5485 0484 2268 2114
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4906 7020 8527 1525
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2772 9682 3821 4785
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5691 0694 1390 8312
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Hooded has a wii and is loving it. 8494 7521 2403 0575

Ok i added Everyone in the thread.
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2187 9563 4635 9325
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add me! I have to Mii's, one for myself and one for my wife

8804 8868 8063 2476
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7014 8075 6042 5046

Edit: My Mii is Ward; nickname would be mattwardfh
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add me please 1904 9647 0936 3668
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CieJe - you have to add all of us for this to work! you're the only early poster i'm showing as not accepted.

toneedo - i sent you a message saying "thanks for the add!". did you get it? i'm just seeing if that part of the system is up yet.

i'm also testing if sms to cellphones works right now through a friend.

thanks everyone for joining in! this seems to be working pretty well so far. i've got aphex and Sue in my plaza now. who is Sue? i wanna attatch that Mii to the right person in my address book.

what mingling etiquette should we follow guys? allow all our Miis to mingle, or just the ones that represent players in the household? personally this early in the game, i'm all for every Mii mingling. when more people have Miis, the plaza will start getting really crowded though. hmm... allowing everyone to mingle does allow everyone a larger variety from which to pick the cool ones though. what yall think?
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I added everybody.

I've had a friend of mine added since sunday, and we can message eachother etc fine. I also played with doing emails. The cool thing is if you send an email to someone... it shows up as w[wii number]@nintendo.com so you actually get a free email address out of this haha.

I haven't tried sms. sounds interesting though.

adding these numbers is tedious. I wish nintendo would add an interface to their website or something... just some easier way of getting the info to your wii.
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dark i got ur message and i do see you in the plaza..this is pretty cool...so what else can this friend feature do?

also i set my Wii to connect24 which always will be connected even when my Wii is powered off...so u guys will always see me walking around with my Mii profile
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Here's mine

Wii number 1548 - 0387 - 3348 - 3546

I'll add all of you guys.
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Here's mine... will add everyone

6753 1928 1448 9185
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Got everyone added but not seeing any miinging yet. Though only a couple of people have added me back. I've got two Miis made; one for me, one for the GF. Should be pretty obvious which is which :-)

For everyone else, if your Mii isn't obvious from your screen name, can you post the name of your primary Mii?
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I am 0928 6727 7401 5870

I have added everyone on the list so far.
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My Mii number is:

4008 7468 3026 1799

See you all online!
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Mii name: Gai

2891 6403 3207 0755

Just adding the numbers will lead to some confusion about who is who I would gather. Especially since there are 12 Miis I created lol.

Th other mingling miis on my Wii.:
G. Costanza
Number 6
Jack Bauer
Vic Mackey
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My Wii number-------> 8180 9602 0276 7956. I will add everyone here. My system name is Wildwood (My beach haunt on the jersey shore) and my main Mii's name is Sonny. Please add mii!
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After you add someones # you have to send your mii over to them. Don't forget that fellaz. Well at least i think thats how it works.
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4567 3003 4770 6991
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Please add me:

7457 4810 1484 1310

Mii's are:

Philip and Stacey
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Originally Posted by HoodedSoldier View Post

After you add someones # you have to send your mii over to them. Don't forget that fellaz. Well at least i think thats how it works.

It is? I thought the "mingling" was to make them browseable by other consoles. But I might have misunderstood.
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Mii Name: Krist
Wii Number: 0635 4432 4356 0621

When I added DarkLordJames' Wii Number it asked me for a name and it didn't fir so I put LordJames, then it asked me for a Mii so I added mine, am I doing this right?
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Okay everyone! The first post of this thread just got twice as long. I added alot more detailed instructions for getting this to work right. Even added a new section about turning on WiiConnect24. I might guess that that is why we arent seeing as many Miis travel around as one might expect. I would recommend that everyone go back and read the first post again to see if you missed anything, and also to let me know if I have missed anything.

I'm gonna follow this up with another post to try to answer everyone's questions and to ask the couple I have floating around.
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mcmush - yeah, looks like Miis automatically travel around to other consoles that are your Wii Friends. it doesnt seem to matter if both machines are being used at the same time, it just matters if WiiConnect24 is enabled. my guess is that while sleeping, the Wii randomly polls your friend's Wiis for messages and the Nintendo email server for non-Wii email.

CieJe - you're a confirmed friend on my Wii now. odd that it took longer than the others i added at the same time. i've played with the email part a little bit messaging a friend, but i need to email myself to see what the full proccess is like. it would be pretty cool to be anywhere and log into my Hotmail account to send my Wii a message

mattward - make sure WiiConnect24 is on also, Miis only become browsable if the Wiis involved have chatted with eachother (however they go about doing that). going into your Parade doesnt force a download as far as i can tell.

Gai - excellent idea! posting your preferred name (within the 10 digits allowed in the Address Book) and posting the name of the Mii that represents you is awesome and will make managing the Address Book much easier. i'll add that to the first post!

thebigkahuna - so would you like us to add you as bigkahuna or Wildwood in our address books? personally i added you as bigkahuna since it makes it easier to associate with this thread, and "the" doesnt fit in the 10 characters allowed.

Hooded - how did you force send your Mii to me? i'd like to add that info to the first post. i noticed when i popped open my Mii Channel today, your Mii just jumped into my Plaza. a couple other people seem to have updated their Miis, and the updated version automatically dropped in. cool that updates seem to be automatic.

Krist - the LordJames part is awesome, best shortening i can thing of for 10 letters. i dont know yet about the Mii part. from what i can gather, that is where you drop in the Mii that represents that person from your Mii Plaza once said persons Mii has Traveled to you. ideally, one should end up with 100 contacts and 100 Miis in your Plaza to match them. sans the appropriate number that play on your Mii at home of course. i'm aiming for like 75 friends to leave a quarter of my available amount for playing around and letting people make Miis when they come over.

misc - SMS messaging to cellphones doesnt seem to be up and running yet. i might be crazy, but the only contact info i have found out how to enter is Wii Numbers and email addresses.

thanks again everyone! a couple bumps so far, but this seems to be working pretty well. if you guys can, go back and edit your post to add in your preferred name (preferrably AVS related for ease of management) and the name of your main Mii. word!
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