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Element 32" LCD with built-in ATSC & QAM 256  

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I just got one of those Element 32" LCDs at Home Depot this morning. For a unit with built in HD tuners a great deal at $478. I hooked it up and it looks great - even the SD picture is OK.

Now the problem: Although I have passable OTA reception in my area (Boston) I would like to use the QAM tuner (cable seems more reliable). However, I cannot get the TV to scan any of the QAM channels - although the input source in the menu says HDTV Air/ Cable and and the cable from the wall is hooked up.

It only scans channel 2 to 69 and all I get are the (sometimes choppy) OTA channels with my UHF antenna.

The box and manual state the TV has a 256 QAM tuner... (I have Comcast standard cable)

Did anyone else purchase this TV and get the QAM to work?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Did anyone get this TV from Office Depot? :confused:

Thanks again!
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I did! Love it so far. Happy to share experiences as they come. I have DirecTV so I'll be first trying out the OTA HD signal in my area Davis / Sacramento. This is my first LCD HDTV and I'm very impressed with the PQ I get from my PC @ 1024x768.

One general question about LCDs in general. Why do they even bother with a sound system? The wimpy speakers that are at the bottom are like up-sized laptop speakers and sound weak compared to an average HTIB setup (imagine that is the idea).

But then who buys it for the sound quality right?
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I also got one from Home Depot. I had bought the MAG from Staples earlier and stopped by Home Depot out of curiousity, only to find these 32" TV's advertised at $599 selling for $478. Couldn't pass that one up, especially having a 10% off coupon for club members! Returned the MAG. Since I have no idea who Element is, I went ahead and paid $140 for the +4 year maintenance contract, thus insuring that this TV should last me 5 years.

Unfortunately, the audio system on my TV is making intermittent popping sounds, especially during news broadcasts (maybe because there's no background music?). Sorry qball680, but for watching standard NTSC broadcasts, I'd prefer a functional sound system so I don't have to turn any other components on. I like the TV enough otherwise, though, so I plan on keeping the TV after getting the audio problems addressed.

md500, I'd be surprised if this actually does QAM, although that would sure be nice. I tried and it didn't work for me, and I'm pretty sure there are still in-the-clear QAM broadcasts on my cable system. My TV model is FLX-3202 with a Sep 2006 date, and I can't find any references to QAM on the box or in the manual. The HDTV coaxial input on the back says 'HDTV/AIR', whereas the SD coaxial input says "TV/CABLE" which further implies that QAM is not supported. But, my set does show in input option of "CABLE/AIR" like md500 reported.

I don't think we can't get QAM out of this TV, so ... are there any inexpensive (< $100) QAM STB boxes out there?
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According to this:


The TV only has ATSC but no QAM. Did the box say QAM or only ATSC? They are not inclusive.
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Mine made popping souinds in the first few hours, but none since. I have heard that you can use computer speakers to hook up to this. Just input it in the side headphone jack, or convert the RCA's in the back to a headphone jack that you can plug in your computer speakers. I haven't done that yet, but it's worth a try if you want.
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Alos, anyone else have a nasty computer burning smell coming out of theirs? I've had my on for almost 10 hours a day since 11/24 and it still smells. Not as bad as it originally did, but still smells.
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I got this tv at home depot. Great set for the price $465 after tax.
Picture is great reciving OTA HD from the built in tuner. XBOX (not 360) running xbmc at 720p or 1080i look awesome. 480P xbox games are really starting to show their age compared to next gen systems. 720P XBOX games look very sweet, ashame not all XBOX games supported it. PS2 games on this tv at 480P shows how superior XBOX is. I cannot play PS2 games on this TV for a very long period of time (let alone on any HDTV) because it truely shows the PS2s nasty graphics.

I also tested my computer, hooking it up via component. My vid card has a hdtv out using component cables. I ran it at a 1080i and 720p resolution. Amazing picture quality. Compared to my hitachi 21" crt connected via VGA. Digital photographs can really be seen how they were meant to be. Big big difference. I cant stand looking at my regular monitor now.

My only complaint are the speakers. I'm coming from a sony vega. The speakers on them were fine for a bedroom. The speakers on this tv absolutely horrible. I tried playing around with the audio settings, using different DSPs, and its just trash. I plan on doing the trick plugging the headphone jack with a dead miniplug, and using a stereo rca to mini plug to connect to my 2.1 cambridge soundworks computer speaker setup. This way, it will mute the internal speakers, yet still allow output from the stereo out. and volume being controlled by the TV.

Other then that, great set. Best BF 32" deal imo. No QAM, but I recieve 30+ digital channels OTA with my big antenna on the roof. And for the price some of us paid, really no room to complain. But I/we still do. :)
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Here are video settings for the Element FLX-3202 that I chose by using 40-year old eyes to view GetGray, THX setup from Finding Nemo and THX blue glasses on a component input.

user video user
78 contrast 78
55 brightness 55
46 saturation 46
-4 hue -4
1 sharpness 1
user colortemp user
129 r 129
128 g 128
130 b 130
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