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Mits wd52631 question

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I am thinking about the Mits wd52631 set. Does anyone have it and if so how do you like it. This will be my first HDTV and I was down to the Sony 50a2000 or the Mits. I can get a great deal on the MIts. I think the picture looks about the same to me on both sets but I do not have a sharp eye for the things to really look for. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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I just got my mitsu today. The same model in particular. I can say out the box it looks not very good. I'm going to adjust it and then I'll come back and let you know my impressions.
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i was in between the exact same tvs. except i was opting for the sony 55e2000, the MITSUBISHI blows them all away. i paid 1900 with tax locally. it is an awesome tv, SONY is was too overpriced.
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I agree. I got my 52631 just a few days ago and am very pleased. I compared against Sony and, while Sony has a good picture, it's about 20%-30% more.

Also, depending on where you are, you may be able to find a good deal on the Mits right now. I bought mine on sale with 3 years, no interest.
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LIkewise, I love my new Mits. Got it the day before Thanksgiving. They gave me the Black Friday price of $1689, 3 years no interest at Circuit City.

If you don't have a criticial eye and the picture looks good to you, you're golden. Remember, when your TV is in your home, it's not sitting next to any other TVS for comparison. The Mits had the best HD pic, but the SD was just OK.
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There is another thread going on this TV and I posted more details there.

Bottom line; a beautiful set. I was considering the 50" Sony as my other choice because I liked the way that the three SXRD chips seem to soften and cover up the noise in compressed digital video signals, and also the variable iris for dark movie scenes. However the Mit was hundreds less, and after playing with adjustments the Mits seemed to yield better color reproduction. (It also gives me two more inches)
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