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Olevia 427V Slow Remote Response

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I picked up the 427V during the Office Depot sale. The remote does not control the set real well. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 button presses for it to take the command. Other times it's fine. It may also take the command but not perform it's function for 5-10 seconds. When this happens I'm usually hitting the button again then all of a sudden it takes all the presses at one time. I replaced the batteries and checked for firmware upgrades but there are none yet. Anyone else seeing this or should I take it back? I hate to return it as it looks great and shows none of the ghosting issues described here.
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I also got the 427V from Office Depot. For the remote response I only feel that there is a delay after the TV is first turned on. I think that the biggest problem is that it seems like you have to point the remote directly at the IR port on the front. Do you find the blue LED on the power button to be annoying?
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I ended up returning the set and exchanging it for a replacement. This set has the same delay issue only it's not nearly as bad. As far as the blue light goes, I stuck a piece of electrical tape over it. Yes, it's very annoying!
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I had electrical tape over it at first too. I found some of my old model paints. I painted over it with the "Aluminum" paint. The color is very very close. You don't even notice the difference! It took a couple of coats, but works great. Just a suggestion.
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the led is bad design, sure, but it does have utility in two specific instances

if you have no other light source in a room and turn the tv off, the room is lit fairly well by the LED.
or finding the button in the dark.
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That is true. But those occasions are few and far between for me. It is much easier to find the glowing light switch that is a few feet away. And I also don't have to worry about banging into any of my $$$$ equipment.
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