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Westinghouse 32w6 vs 3213  

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I bought the westy 32w6 a few weeks back and love it but recently heard about the 3213 and was wondering how they compare. The certain retail store i bought my 32w6 from has a 30 day return policy and since the 3213 is about 200 bucks cheaper im considering swaping mine out and saving the cash. I can read the spec diffrences on westinghouses website, but im just wondering if anyone has any expirence with these two and could clue me in on why the new 3213 is so much cheaper. If they are of the same quality id just asume save the cash but if the previous 32w6 is better quality then ill consider keeping it. Thanks for your help in advance
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The 3213 actually has slightly better stats (6.5ms vs 8 response, 1200:1 vs 1000:1 contrast ratio), but they are exactly the same otherwise. Many believe the 3213 is just a rebadged 32w6 meant for Best Buy so people couldn't price match or buy the TV earlier and return during Black Friday (where these were introduced).

I just picked mine up from BB, and I'm really liking it.
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I had the same thought about them doing a specific model only for black friday, but the 3213 is now avalable on the certain retailers website for much less than the 32w6. So as far as you know they are of the same quality and if not the 3213 may have an edge over the 32w6?
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I'm curious about the same thing. I have the w6, but was able to pick up a 3213 at a lower price. I've heard different things such as the 3213 is the same as w6, but BB had the model number changed so people couldn't PM for BF. I've heard that its the new model to replace w6(Which I believe the least), I've heard this was only made for BF, (which I believe happened). I haven't had a chance to open the 3213, but anyone know if they're pretty much the same set?

I know stat-wise the 3213 is better, but thats all I know.


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