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Newbie Calibration Questions

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Hi. I just have a couple of quick questions as a newbie to all of this stuff. First, if a set is ISF calibrated, how long will the nearly-perfected calibration lasts before it could use another? Second, will moving mess things up after you get calibrated? Thanks.
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Welcome to the AVS Forum .

You need to identify the display that you re using. The answers will depend on it. For instance, a CRT projector will be effected by moving it, as can a RPTV (non-CRT) to a lesser extent. A Plasma, DLP or LCD display will be less effected by moving. The length of time that a calibration will hold also depends on the display type.

Hint to a newbie: when you post aa question, it always helps if you identify the type of hardware that you are concerned about. Otherwise you may get a lot of answers that just don't apply.
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Some calibration realities:

Calibration is a systems approach ... accounting for the DVD player as well as the processors and the TV ... where applicable. Change a component in the finely tuned system and the calibration may go off.

TV's age ... as do cars. As we do not only get one oil change or tune up for a car over its life time, ditto for TVs. Things change over time. Drift. (Amount ... who knows ... depends on the technology and other environmental factors)

Moving it will mess it up if you drop it ... slam it ... but depends on the technology type.

Moving it from one viewing environment to a different viewing environment will also affect the calibration.

Moving it from one light controlled room to another will have no impact.

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Thanks for the answers. Yes, I have a Sony XBR970 direct view HD-CRT. =)
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I used Avia to calibrate my LCD TV.
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I understand that moving a CRT RPTV can mess up the picture and may require calibration afterward, but just how prone is my RPTV to movement?

I have the TV positioned into a corner of the room and I sometimes move one side to combat a bad glare during certain times of the day. Is it okay to move/roll one side away from the wall to access the inputs on the rear? How often can I do this before the picture is effected? Can I make minor adjustments like this often or am I just messing the picture up?

Can I roll the TV from one room into another once in a while without ruining the picture?
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Direct View (single tube) CRT's are not that susceptable to calibration changes when moving the set. A CRT RPTV has 3 tubes and their relative alignment can be disturbed when moving the set from one room to another. Repositioning a RPTV in the same location should not have much effect, unless done many times.

As Michael TLV pointed out, displays require calibration tune up on a regular basis. CRT RPTV's and CRT front projectors are also much more susceptable to disturbing the tube alignment and calibration when moved, when compared to LCD or Plasma flat panel displays.
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