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HDTV: Sharp Aquos LC37D40U, HDMI input
Computer: Mac Mini (PowerPC), OSX 10.4.6
Cable: DVI-HDMI (Monoprice)

No picture except when I switch input on the Aquos.

There are 2 HDMI connectors on this set, Input 4 and 5. The mac is connected to Input 4. If it's switched to Input 5 for a few seconds to allow signal detection, then returning to Input 4, the correct mac screen appears with missing edges for a couple of second, then the display goes blank while the caption shows "Video: 720p".

It appears to me that the signal detection actually screws things up.

The regular display for the mac is SGI 1600SW (1600x1024). I tried multiple resolutions all the way down to 640x480.

I have DCX on the mac but never get to use it with the TV.

Any suggestions?