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Hey friends, I have a couple of questions if you don't mind.

The reason I am trying to get everything decided and bought now is because I get to open the TV on christmas (Mom purchased for me) and I want to set everything up that day.

First things first, here is what I have now.

-42†Panasonic Plamsa TH-42PX60U
-Scientific Atlanta Digital Cable DVR Box (Though Brighthouse, not getting HD channels until later)
-Xbox 360 and the HD-DVD Add-on (Which btw, I have to hook up through component)
-Nintendo Wii (I may end up keeping this at my gf’s house)

Here are a couple items I plan to purchase next week and how much I am paying for them (with my discount.) Please let me know if you would recommend something different!

-Sanus Tilt wall-mount ($61.47)
-2 or 3 Monster HDMI Cables ($54.40 each) btw… are these suffiecient? I know everybody says to use monoprice, but I have waiting for items to arrive and my discount brings the price down on these a lot anyways..)

Now here are the questions I have…
1) Since the 360 does not do HDMI, and the player (either of them) can not upconvert through component (the panny I have does not have vga or dvi either,) I am forced to purchase a standard player also. I have over 800 sd dvds and I want the best possible quality out of them. Which one should I get? Should I use my discount and get one of them at bestbuy? Or is the oppo that I have heard so much abour worth the extra $50? If there is a really good one that best buy carries I would rather get that, otherrwises, is the oppo listed above a good choice? BTW, it needs hdmi.

2) I may not be able to get this until the week after Christmas, but here is the sound system I plan on purchasing:
a. Klipsch Synergy Series Quintet III 5-Piece Home Theater Speaker System

b. Klipsch 10" 420W Powered Subwoofer
(With my discount and Klipsch accomodation, I get both of these items for $360 shipped!)
- So what kind of receiver would you guys recommend? Preferably one that Best Buy Carries so that I can use my discount. While browsing different skus I think the average savings was like 40% and I wanna spend around <300 if I can?
- Also, any opinions on these speakers? They sounded great in-store and I cant beat that price…

3) The tilt mount that I plan on purchasing, are these things easy to install? It is something that me and my dad can do right? I don’t want $1000 falling to the ground and shattering!

4) I need some kind of shelf or cabinet to hold my dvd players, receiver, dvr, etc. I want one that sits on the ground under the TV, that is small (not a tv top one,) and that can hold everything I need it to. Where would I get this? I checked at work and all we have are the TV top ones.

5) Lastly, do I need a surge protector or anything? Any recommendations for ones that Best Buy carry? The supervisor back there recommended this to me: I get it for $123. What does it do?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much in advance!