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I too am looking into getting a monoprice screen...
likely the 106", ~12'4" viewing distance, 17' deep x 14' wide room. I don't think I want the 120" as it'll force me to move out my mains a bit too far for optimal audio imaging without excessive side wall interaction, plus my subs start to get in the way placement-wise.
This will be a retractable, tab tensioned, recessed mounted screen. We're having new ceilings put in, so I figured this would be the perfect time. Once it's installed, I'm quite committed. Any concerns I should have? I'll be running (switched?) AC power to the screen, remote switch cables to both a wall plate location and back to the projector, and IR cabling (all CAT5/6 cable likely since it's very use-flexible). Construction starts in August, so I'll likely purchase this late July and start looking over the recessed mounting options. My ceiling joists run width-wise in the room, so that'll fit the screen between them nicely. Just trying NOT to screw this up. The contractor is not super familiar with such HT items.
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Today I received my Tab-Tensioned Motorized Projection Screen (Somfy Motor) w/ IR Remote - HD Grey Fabric (106 inch, 16:9), part #7944

Here are my impressions for the growing library:

1) Great packing job from the folks at Monoprice. I was panicked because UPS beat my box really badly with folds and holes all over the place. Nothing penetrated the inner box. Everything arrived in pristine condition.

2) Screen quality is great. No waves, no holes, no hotspots. I have better color and blacks than it had on the Screen Innovations screen (also a 0.8 grey) in the Magnolia showroom, but admittedly differences in calibration make it hard to do an honest comparison. I'm projecting from an HC6800, so the 0.8 grey really helps to darken those blacks.

3) Build quality is fantastic, far far exceeded my expectations. The entire frame is one solid piece of anodized aluminum. All attached pieces are machine screwed. End caps are plastic but look great and very tidy.

4) I don't have the "paint smell" problem others have complained about. It's noticeable right next to the screen, but it definitely does not stink up the room.

5) I agree with most people's impression of the tab tensioning material - feels a little on the cheap side, but does its job flawlessly.

6) The external IR trigger only has 2' of cable on it. Would have loved a longer one that I could run to my cable box (I could set up the trigger, but IR via Harmony Remote is easier). I don't see how this could be useful unless you installed the screen in some recessed fashion where the mounted IR port is physically blocked and you need something to drop below the surface.

7) The motor isn't particularly quiet as others had me believe. It's fine, easily tolerable, but "quiet" doesn't come to mind.

8) Installation was a cinch. The mounting brackets can be position anywhere, so you have a lot of flexibility to find studs or other anchor points. Personally, I opted to use 3/16" toggle bolts in place of the included screws/anchors. This thing weights over 60 lbs, so consider that with whatever mounting scheme you are planning.

Lastly - setting the drop point was poorly documented. On the left side of the screen, on the bottom, there is a rubber cap. Remove it to find access to a white hex screw (the screen comes with a yellow hex driver). Turn that left or right to change how far down the screen drops when you push the down button. I forget which direction is which. Every turn alters about an inch of leeway. It catches in spurts, not in a fluid motion, so if you turn a little and it doesn't change anything, turn it some more. Once you get the hang of it, it's simple to set up.
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the old monoprice electric screens that people seem to be happy with appear to be exactly the same as the antra screens being sold on ebay. i'm thinking of trying one out.

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Just out of curiosity, why risk an E-bay seller rather than go to Monoprice directly? Are they a lot cheaper on E-bay?

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monoprice no longer sells the old electric screens, they are discontinued.
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I thought the old monoprice screens had a 108" electric model. I only see 100" and larger.
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I've just hung my Monoprice 106" ceiling recessed, tab tensioned, grey screen. It looks good so far. There's a slight roll of the screen surface on the left, but it's only on the border, plus the tab tensioning mechanism is easily adjustable with dials at each end of the screen bottom weight bar that'll tighten the strings. I may crank those up a bit more. It's also just been lowered for the first time, so I'm letting it hang down a couple days to flatten out. I've also not fully pulled the box up into the ceiling or plugged the power in up there either. The image is from an Epson 8350. Photos are from a high end cell phone - iPhone.
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When using the motorized screen how far off of the ground does it come down to? I have 9' ceilings and would like to be able to put my center channel speaker vertically below the screen. My center channel would be 22" high when placed vertically.
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The Monoprice screens have about a 15" drop below the case before getting to the screen fabric and then about 3 inches below the fabric for the surround and bar. In my case, with the 120" Ceiling Mount 16:9 screen and 8 foot ceilings, the bottom of the screen is about 15 inches above the floor. You should be fine, but keep in mind the larger the screen, the lower it will hang. FYI, you can also adjust the drop so it does not come down the full 15" if you need to.

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I've got 9' ceilings and the bottom (when the box is fully mouted into ceiling) of the screen weight bar is at 36" and the bottom of the image surface is at 39". You can trim the drop location up a bit if necessary manually and maybe automatically with the tool included.
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So this is my first official thread but I have been lurking for far too long. My question is about these monoprice screens. I have a fairly unique setup that I am trying to pull off and I have a few questions that some of the owners here might be able to help with.

All questions relate to a 106" somfy screen which some of you have.

First off, What is the actual width from end cap to end cap at the bottom of the screen.

Second, the post above indicates that he has a 36" (assuming 9ft ceilings) height above the bottom of the screen... is this at full drop?

Third, Anybody know what the distance between the front of the unit and the screen amounts to?

The reason for all of these questions is like this. I have a 9'5" ceilings and currently have a 60" TV sitting on a cabinet which is 23" deep (TV sits roughly 10" off the wall). When I built the place I put in a soffet at the top about 18" from the back wall and 12" in height to "block" the future screen case from being shown when not in use (it also acted as a nice framing detail to the front wall). The idea was that it was going to roll down in front of the TV, between the speakers (of which there is only 95" of space) and above the cabinet which is 36" tall. Further, if I adjust the drop I still need to make sure that it doesn't come up too far as to have the screen go up behind the soffet.

I realize that I am asking alot here but I do think its feasible and will be fantastic if I can pull it off.

Why you ask am I going to such lengths? I live in NYC and don't have the luxury of having a dedicated theater. So during the day I need to have it be a "living room" (according to the future wife) which means natural light and blah blah blah. But I wanted to be able to transform it into a theater at any time so I figured a 106" screen dropped out of no where with the projector (which I guess was always in plain sight) and then secondary black out blinds.


(I attached a picture, its not the best and doesn't have any components to give sizing but it should give an idea to what I am describing with the soffet.)
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First Question, width at bottom of screen: 105"

Second. According to the website the total screen length is 111.5 inches. The screen height is 51.9 inches. Add 50mm more for the border and that leaves 57.7 inches of screen drop theoretically.

Third the unit is 5.5 inches wide, the mounts are another inch. The screen is 4 inches back from the front of the unit.

Sounds to me like your setup will work if you can afford to move the speakers apart to accommodate the 105" width.
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Originally Posted by robl45 View Post

the old monoprice electric screens that people seem to be happy with appear to be exactly the same as the antra screens being sold on ebay. i'm thinking of trying one out.


Good for Canadian buyers who can't buy a screen from monoprice! I wonder if that seller has tab-tensioned screens...
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does the ceiling recessed sit flush with the ceiling? One picture shows it popping out a little.

Also, does the IR work with with a harmony remote? What are the codes? Do i need to point the remote at the unit directly?
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Originally Posted by flyhigh123 View Post

does the ceiling recessed sit flush with the ceiling? One picture shows it popping out a little.

Also, does the IR work with with a harmony remote? What are the codes? Do i need to point the remote at the unit directly?

It comes with an IR remote, which you can easily use to have your Harmony learn he codes.
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Bought a MP fixed 133" screen and got it set up a couple weeks ago with an Epson 3010 projector. I've notcied that somewhat near the center of the screen I see about a 12" vertical line that apears lighter/brighter than the rest of the screen. I assume this is what you guys mean by hotspot? When the projector is off I don't see anything that could be causing it. What is the cause? What can I do about it? Thanks
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On the 120" Ceiling mount screen does it come with both a small and large baffle like the directions say? I only have one 2 1/2" baffle. If only one does that go in front or behind the screen? I am trying to figure out how far off a wall to mount this beast to get it so the screen will be 3" off the wall behind it.
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I'm considering installing the Monoprice ceiling-recessed tab tensioned screen in our bonus room. The ceilings are already finished, however I am able to crawl into the attic area above the ceiling as needed.

Is it possible to install this screen in the ceiling without having to rework any drywall? From the pictures, it appears you can simply cut out an appropriately sized rectangle and once mounted, the trim of the screen will hide the cutout. Is this correct?

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Scrawner, I'm thinking of doing the same thing. I searched high and low and I can't seem to find any other provider of projector screens that offers the recessed version so I can install it flush in my drywall ceiling. All the other ceiling trim kits are for dropped commercial ceilings and they are very expensive.
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