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Outlaw 990 Vs. Rotel 1066

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Please help. I have a 4 year old Rotel 1066 and have been happy with it. I am thinking of upgrading my pre-pro and going with the Outlaw 990. Am I making a mistake or is it worthwhile to do this? Don
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For a pre-pro wait till the new ones with HDMI 1.3 come out. Then all the ones that are out there now SHOULD drop in price.
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I'd argue that the Rotel probably is better sounding than the Outlaw, but you could always try their 30 day option...
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Thanks a lot for your replies. Don
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I have both in my house and my Outlaw 990 uses the Outlaw Model 7500 5-channel Balanced Amplifier and the results are night and day on audio, video and the 990 is super easy to setup and operate.
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The only way to be sure would be to audition both in your house. All I can say is I auditioned Rotel extensively in a shop, ordered an Outlaw 990, and kept the Outlaw. However, I would suggest listening to Locomo (posted above) and wait for the next batch.
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HDMI 1.3 will not be available on Rotel for many months, maybe more than a year. Its not even in prototype pre/pros according to the guys at the Rotel Club. Its not that big of a deal anyway as the long thread on this site shows. If you need a pre, get one now and enjoy it. You can always sell it if you want the latest and greatest, but there will always be something newer and "better" down the road, and usually its not really better, just newer.
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