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Plasma | In-Wall Surge Protection  

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I just want to go on record saying how much the search on this forum sucks... completely useless. I know this because I've read countless threads over the last two years talking about hospital-grade surge protection outlets being used in home theater setups, but now I can't find a single thread using the search feature.

So, I just picked up the Leviton 8280 with isolated ground for use above my fireplace where my plasma will plug in. Here's the stats on it:

Maximum continous operating voltage: 150V
Maximum single-pulse transient current (8 X 20 ms Amps peak) 24,000A (L-N), 12,000A (L-G), 12,000 (N-G)
Rated single pulse transient energy (10 x 1000ms, impulse) 320 joules

Is this going to accomplish what I need it to do? I really don't want one of those nasty surge strips hanging off the back of my plasma and I figure if it's good enough for hospitals then it's good enough for my baby. Am I off the reservation on this one?

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It will work fine but you could have bought a Leviton 5280 as hospital grade does not give you anything extra. The thing about receptacles is they have a low joule rating. A half decent power bar rating is approx. 2000-3500joules.

The best way is a service entrance surge suppressor unit (at the house panel) which will protect the whole house from a surge from outside plus a receptacle or power bar which will help protect from any surges generated from within your house.
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I found several posts by searching this way:
+hospital +surge

If you go Advanced Search, then click on Advanced Search Help it will tell you how to search with better results
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