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Which 26" LCD ?  

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I know most of this forum is dedicated to the larger LCDs. I am in the market for a 26" LCD for the bedroom. I believe I would like to stick the the following brands Sony, Samsung and Sharp. Looking for opionions from various users. I think I have the following models in mind and help would be appreciated:

Sony KDL-26S2010

Samsung LN-S2652D

Sharp LC-26D40U

Have I missed any? I imagine members have done this research before, and I value user opionions more than a salesman. Whcih TV would you vote for?
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i have that samsung lcd...the white version...beautiful set.
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New products will be available in January:
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Can anybody tell me the difference between the following two Sony models:

KDL-26S2000 and the KDL-26S2010 ?
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If you choose the Acer, which has a resolution of 1920 x 1200, you will be able to use it as a computer-monitor up close.
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A friend has the Samsun, I was amazed how clear it really was.
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I have the Samsung, & I am very happy with it for the most part. Other models I considered were the Philips (looked good on paper, but low refresh rate = lousy picture quality) and the Sony KDL. The Sony is actually a pretty nice set, but one thing that steered me away from it was the connection layout. If you plan on running RF into it at all, the only hookup is on the SIDE! I didn't see the point of getting a sleek new LCD panel, only to have a big ol' honkin' cable sticking out the side. All the connections on the Samsung are well placed on the back, with dual component ins, and even a built-in cable tie to keep 'em out of sight.

Plusses with the Samsung:
- Good input selection & layout
- Looks nice, speakers out of sight
- Great, crisp picture for the money

Drawbacks I've found with the Samsung:
- No HD tuner (not a problem for me as I use my cable provider's signal).
- No discreet input selection (this means you toggle or menu through input sources, so if you're using a universal remote, you can't use a macro to automatically select the input source).

Hope that helps,
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