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two choices for PC display

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Hey everyone,

I have narrowed down my choice for a new monitor for both my PC and for regular TV viewing. It's between the Samsung HLS-5088W and the Sony KDS50A2000.

My dilemma is that the Samsung manual actually states in it's manual that it supports 1920 X 1080 for PC display, but the Sony does not actually state it in their chart. I'm wondering if Sony just got lazy and is using an outdated chart from a non-1920 X 1080 TV or if perhaps it only goes as high as 1360 X 768 for PC display. I was leaning towards the Sony because the FAQ in this forum states that DLP is the greater problem for PC gaming, but if the charts below are any indication of actual ability I'll have to go with the Samsung even though it's DLP.

Please note the captures below.

Samsung PC chart (from manual):


Sony PC chart (from manual):

Also, Sony seems more confident that all you have to do is plug in your PC's monitor out to the TV and set refresh to 60HZ. Samsung seems to be more sensitive about needing to set actual horizontal and vertical refresh rates which my ATI X800 doesn't appear to be able to do. Will simply setting the refresh at 60Hz be sufficient for either of these televisions for PC viewing?

Thanks for your help with these long-winded questions!
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How do you plan on connecting to your PC...VGA, DVI-HDMI?

The Samsung should be trivial to connect, just make sure you turn off overscan in your service menu to get proper 1:1 pixel mapping.

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I don't have the Sony you mention, but I have my PC hooked up to my 50" A10 via VGA.

I was looking at / dreaming about the new 60" 1080p Sony. After doing a little research in the owner's thread, it sounds to me like 1360x768 is indeed the max that the VGA input will accept. If you want 1920x1080p, you have to use HDMI + Powerstrip.

That seems asinine to me on Sony's part. One of the reasons I chose my A10 was so I could get rid of Powerstrip and use my TV like a giant monitor with standard PC resolutions. In a perfect world I'd be filling the whole screen with 1:1 pixel mapping, but I can live with sending 1280x720 and getting the 2" border. However, I'm definitely not going to buy a 1080p TV and then hook up a PC via VGA and get 1360x768 with an 8" border. I don't know why the VGA port is even included under those conditions. I'm not thrilled with the prospect of going back to custom resolutions either, so I've just gained a new level of satisfaction with the TV I have. I'll wait for TV and PC mfr's to get their act together and make this a plug-n-play effort before upgrading to 1080p.

I don't know anything about the Samsung, so I can't address that.
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sony wont fit 1080p 1:1 its dumb have to underscan and i cant get any real resolutions to play on bf2142. with the vga port its like 4:3 and isnt full screen at all i cant fiogure this tv out!!!! lcd much better for pc monitor
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