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Geometry or Overscan... which is the culprit of JAGGIES?  

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I posted this in the gaming section, but I'm thinking this subforum may give me better results.

This in regards to an xbox 360:

I am trying to figure out what the actual reason for jaggies are. I once had a magnavox 32" lcd which had horrific overscan and jaggies using the component cables, but once I used the vga cable, all of the jaggies were gone (even in PDZ).

I now have the sharp LC37D40U which has no vga port. And while the overscan is not bad, (about 2.5%) the jaggies are there (also not nearly as bad). Do you guys think that this is a geometry issue or overscan issue through component?

There are many that are complaining about jaggies, but I cannot find an answer as to why there would be no jaggies using vga other then the fact that the tv is basically being set at 1:1 with the vga cable.

Finally, do you guys think that having the set professionally calibrated would fix this problem?
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You're better off finding a way to send native resolution via HDMI.

- Steve O.
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Do you think a vga to hdmi converter would eliminate the problem, or would the tv automatically scale the image and create the same problem?
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Jaggies are not caused by geometry or overscan. They are the result of de-interlacing or scaling errors in either the source component or the display. To give yourself the best odds of eliminating them, send a signal from your source that matches the native resolution of your display. The less video processing, the less jaggies.
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You will always see some type of jaggies on the 360 because its anti aliasing is not strong enough.

If it was compared to a computer it would prob be something like 2x. Where it takes at least 6x for me to completely eliminate all jaggies.

Its to the point where I barely notice, and frame rates > jaggies.
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thelead -- As ceberlepointed out, jaggies are the result of de-interlacing ans/or scaling errors. Jaggies are also the result of not being able to send at least a 1024 x 768 signal to your display over the component connections from your 360 (a scaling related problem).

Since the HDMI signal is a digital one and the VGA output is analog (the component outputs are also analog), you would need an upconverter box to change that (external upscalers are very expensive). Your 360 should have one built in, try using it (unless your 360 won't upconvert older games, if it is an older one).
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